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Sep 3, 2006 09:11 PM

St Barts

My wife and I are planning a trip to St Barts and a search here produced 0 results. Has anyone been recently and have any good recs? Will take any cuisines and any prices. We are staying at the Eden Rock so if anyone has any experience with the 2 restaurants at the hotel it would be appreciated. Thanks


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  1. Alex -- My wife and I just returned from SBH on 8/15. We go a couple times a year. Stayed at Eden Rock the first time we went and loved it. Both their restaurants are good. We prefer lunch at Sand Bar. Dinner is also good, but, like lots of the SBH places, is obscenely expensive if you do it with wine. Our other favorites are Andy's Hideaway, Zanzibarth, Le Repaire, La Mandala, New Born, Cafe Victoire and lots of others.

    Email me and I'll be glad to go on and on about any of your questions about the restaurants or any other subject relating to St. Barth. We are really into it, and always glad to pass on info and opinions!

    Dick Davis
    Tyler, Texas

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      Thanks River Rat, youll be hearing from me shortly.

    2. My wife and I went for our Honeymoon on oct. of 04. Loved it and had a lot of great food. We stayed at Hotel Isle de France, which has a lovely restaurant on Flamands beach, which is gorgeous. Expensive, as most things are, but very good simple food. Great for lunch.

      We had a really nice dinner at Hotel Carl Gustav. Great food and a beautiful view of Gustavia.

      In Gustavia we had an enjoyable dinner at Pipiri Palace, more casual, fun atmosphere, good food. Very friendly guy running the place who gave us free shots of their homemade vanilla rum (a local specialty).

      On the edge of Gustavia is Maya's, which is a very popular spot. Outdoor dining. Amazing lamb chops. Not to be missed.

      Also went to Le Gaiac at Hotel Le Toiny. Probably the top restaurant on the island. I ordered wrong, so I didn't have the best meal, but my wife loved it. Beautiful setting and terrific service.

      We went at the very beginning of the season, so a lot of places still weren't open. We missed out on a lot, but I don't think we had a bad meal in the 7 days we were there.

      1. oh, where to begin!! I don't think I have ever had 1 bad meal on St. Barth's. Here are the restaurants we always eat at when we go every year. No particular order:

        Carl Gustaf
        Francois Plantation
        Pa Cri (new this year Italian, on the road to Saline Beach...MUST TRY!!!)
        Wall House
        Andy's Hideaway (order the pizza!!)
        K'fe Massai
        Maya's to go (for lunch and we always bring stuff back with us for the plne ride home)
        Le Repaire
        Le Piment (afternoon to have champagne and a light lunch)
        On the Rocks (in your hotel, beautiful view and incredible food!)

        It does not matter where the place is because every place on the island is out of this world!

        Makes we want to fly out right now!!

        Have a great trip. I am sure after your first visit, you will be returning year after year like we have been doing for the past 8!!

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          love le ti st barth- for a great, crazy time go on a saturday night for the fashion show. eddys in town always good, plus le select for really casual burgers and fun time. can never go wrong with some great cheeses and a baguette for a snack.

        2. The beachside restaurant at Eden Rock is one of our favorites of all time. A two hour lunch five steps from your beach chair. Life doesn't get much better. As someone else mentioned, very expensive.

          FYI - we ate so well (and llong) for lunch at various beach places, dinner was almost a struggle. When we go back, we'll probably snack through the evening (Local supermarket has great pate and cheese).

          1. River Rat's choices are my favorites as well. I love all those places. Angelina's list is great too... especially Maya's and Maya's to go.

            In addition I would recommend, the restaurant at the Guanahania Resort closest to their beach.

            Le Ti St. Barth's and Niki Beach both do "scene" better than food, but since St. Barth's is part of France ou won't have a bad meal.