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Sep 3, 2006 08:20 PM

Cuisine of Pakistan on 37th and 9th Ave

Tremendous little taxi stand. Huge amount of food -- veggie and meat dishes. Lamb was fantastic as was the chickpeas. Very cheap -- 9bucks with diet coke! Def'ly a great cheap eat.

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  1. I think I've been there before and liked it. Have you been to similar places like Punjab on East 1 between 1st and A? I'm wondering how you feel it compares. I think it was better, but I haven't been to Cuisine of Pakistan for a few years, I guess (assuming it's the place I did go to in that vicinity).

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    1. re: Pan

      Punjab is good, but SOOO salty!

        1. re: Pan

          l do love the cashier, tho: "So nice!" And, after you wish him a good evening, "Same teeng!"

    2. What times are these carts open? Late night only?

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      1. re: mathew

        not carts -- just holes in the wall that you could easily miss when walking by (well, cuisine of pakistan is slightly larger, but still doesn't have a huge storefront profile). i've had lunch at both, as well as late late night sustenance -- kind of prefer C.O.P to Punjab, but both are definitely among the city's best bang-for-your-buck places.

        1. re: mathew

          "Taxi stands" are almost by definition open 24 hours, I would think. They have to serve the night shift, too.

        2. I believe these guys are not a true taxistand then -- they close at 11pm

          1. Try Pakistan Teahouse downtown on Church. It's excellent and very cheap; true taxistand, if you go there very late, the entire block has cabs parked on it and they're all eating. Get the chicken or lamb kebabs, they are amazing. The naan is great as they bake it fresh as you order. Vegetable dishes a generally very good as well. Less of a fan of their curries, but they are decent.

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            1. re: Lau

              Pakistan Tea House is a great bargain. I like the place. Its right next door to Nish Nush falafel.

            2. I've heard rumors of a tremendous indian place/taxistand buffet on 26th and 10th???