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Sep 3, 2006 07:57 PM

Carmel dining - Passion Fish and Forge in the Forest

Had a wonderful dinner last night at Passion Fish in Pacific Grove.

Passion Fish - 8/10 overall

Food highlights - the seafood was fresh and the portions were generous. The grilled Halibut was a touch overcooked, but had a delicious cilantro cream sauce. The grilled striped bass was slightly undercooked and was served over a bed of rosemary rice.

Service - the restaurant was very accomodating when changing our reservation and the service was quite knowledgeable and friendly.

Value - nowhere in Carmel or in the Bay Area will you find such tasty and healthy portions of fresh fish at reasonable prices (~19) per dish.

Forge in the Forest - 5/10 overall

Mediocre and overpriced outdoor dining spot with friendly service and cramped and uneven flooring. The highlight was bucket of clams and mussels for ~$13. The Cobb salad was better than most, but the $11? Black Angus burger and the panko crusted sand dabs were forgettable.

One interesting note regarding pricing - the restaurant has a doggie menu (literally for dogs) that includes a $4 hot dog and $5 1/4 pound hamburger...

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  1. SF Foodie,
    ITA with your post. I do however take my dogs to the Forge whenever I'm down visiting the family. They have a great french onion soup but for the most part their food is just average. I order the "hen house chicken strips" for the dogs which is anywhere from 2 to 3 whole chicken breasts, covered with an herb mixture, no breading, nothing fried, just pure white meat chicken breasts cut in strips. One order feeds both my dogs, and at $4.00, it's very reasonable (you would pay 2 to 3 times as much on any 'human' menu).