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Sep 3, 2006 07:48 PM

Need a great banana cream pie in the Valley

Looking for a fantastic banana cream pie in the San Fernando Valley for a Labor Day party. Unfortunately, won't be able to make it to the Westside, so it has to be the Valley. Don't want Marie Callendar's, Coco's or the like. Looking for something really above and beyond the chains.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. Have you ever tried Du-pars on Ventura in Studio City? They are not the best, but better than most chains.

    1. Still a chain, but not as "chain"-y... Shakers in Glendale has great cream pies.

      The pies at Tallyrand in Burbank are also quite good... it's a bit of a time warp and you'll be the youngest person in there by approximately half a century, but good pie.

      1. I came to this to late to offer a suggestion but would love to know if you found one, rockhead. I've had the same dilemma, myself. If I have the time, I always go out to Pie 'n Burger, have them remove the meringue and put fresh cream on top. I think it has the best custard of any BCP in the L.A. area.

        1. Dave,

          I took EliseT's suggestion and went to DuPars. It's two minutes from my house and I honestly didn't think about it until it was mentioned here. The pie was very good, not outstanding, but certainly hit the spot. The banana, custard and creme were all very fresh. Only problem was it was on the small side, smaller than a full pie from the other chains, so it didn't yield that many pieces. I'll have to try your Pie n Burger suggestion next.

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            Try Bea's Bakery in Tarzana. Also, this is on the chain-ish side but Millies have unusually good pies and cheesecakes which are excellent. The location I go to is Balboa and Roscoe I think in the Valley.

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              Does Bea's Bakery make a Banana Cream pie? Unfortunately, for my waist-line, I'm way too familiar with Bea's, but I don't recall ever seeing a Banana Cream pie there. Do they do any pies at all??

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                We used to get them years ago and they were amazing. Have not ordered one recently.

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                  Last time I was looking for pies I stopped at Bea's, they didn't have any. Ended up at Marie Callendar's.

          2. What's that Pie/coffee shop on Laurel Cyn, just south of Riverside Drive, across from Gelsons. I forget the name of the joint. I'm sure some chowhound will come up with the name. They advertise their pies. Been there for years, never tried them. Forget the name, sorry.

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                It's Four-N-20, yes. I've never got up the gumption to actually go eat in there.

                1. re: Das Ubergeek

                  i've passed by four n 20 a bunch of times on laurel canyon, looks really old-fashioned could be ok, or more than likely terrible. mashed potatoers out of a box and a full on mystery meatloaf on a bun type joint most likely.