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Sep 3, 2006 07:39 PM

Vit Goal Tofu Restaurant (Korean)- Durham

I find myself compelled to put in a good word for my current favorite local comfort food place. I love Asian tofu dishes. Ever since discovering Vit Goal a couple of months ago, it has become a weekly habit. Despite being located in a little strip mall off 55 near 54, the place has charm. The servers are lovely and the tofu soup is delicious. They also have a few beef dishes, a seafood pancake, pork dish, and octopus (we haven't tried these yet), but if you don't like tofu, I don't know if I'd make a point of going. We've tried the tofu soup with vegetable dumplings (yum), with mushrooms (enoki, shitake and mystery mushroom)& w/beef and kimchee (meat is minimal, more for the flavor). The dumplings and mushroom are my favorite so far. The (literally) boiling soup is served with an odd cold soup on the side, a Korean iced tea (both an aquired taste, I think), rice and a few small dishes (Kimchee, either bean sprouts or potatoes, cucumber). It's a fairly new place. There's a nice Korean grocery store next door. Give them a try if you are a tofu fan like I am. Oh yeah - the medium spicy is plenty spicy. Our 12-year-old gets the mild. The flavor is very good and not too spicy.

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  1. Hey Suse;
    I'd eaten at a korean tofu place in ny so this sounds just great. And a grocery! for take home tofu bliss...
    Logistical problem, which strip mall is this? Are there any other restaurants there. I have to figure out the route As I take the bus...;
    but totally cheers,

    1. (includes a map; it's just south of the 54/55 intersection


      I'll have to try this, it sounds interesting. How are the vegetarian options? You'd think a tofu place might have lots of veggie choices, but not necessarily with Asian restaurants.

      1. Rory - It's walkable from the 55/54 intersection. I don't know where there's a busstop, but going south on 55, it's the next light after 54. Turn left at Rudino's Grinders and go up the little hill. It's across from the Dog Haus. Rough without a car around here, isn't it?
        Statolith - Not sure about the veggie options. When I ordered the mushroom tofu soup, the waitress asked me if I was a vegetarian (the past couple of times I had ordered the veggie dumpling tofu soup). I expect they have a non- beef broth option, but I'm not sure. I'm pretty sure the regular broth is meat-based. good luck.

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          For a total international experience you could then walk over to Mithai and have some Bengali sweets for dessert. It's puja week so they should be putting forth their best effort.

          1. re: bbqme

            Mithai recently relocated to Cary. :-(

            1. re: Tom M of Durham NC

              I knew they were opening a store in Cary but I thought it was a second location. So they closed the one in Durham? Dang it!

        2. Hey Suse;
          thanks for the info, called the TTA & got it, its near Taco Bell that sounds like the Spice & Curry mall where Chosun Ok is?
          I only found 100% Asian veg food at Buddhist restaurants, but I'm not ultra fussy when I go out.

          I only miss a car to go to Cary, for Udipi Cafe - the best & I want to try Suchi, Hyderabadi food has great biryani.
          thanks guys

          1. Rory - Vit Goal is down the street a bit from Chosun Ok. If the TTA stops there at the Taco Bell, walk down to the next light South on 55 (not 54!) - not far - Look for Rudinos on your left. Vit Goal is behind Rudinos. If youre not too fussy about broth, you should be just fine. TRy the soup with veggie dumplings. Bon Appetit! BTW, even with a car, Cary is tough to get your head around. I have yet to try Udupi. Crazy, I know.