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Sep 3, 2006 07:39 PM

Oriental Pearl Dim Sum - Framingham - Outstanding!

There is an all you can eat buffet that included most of our favorites. Fried green things, shrimp rolls, tofu skin rolls, congee, chicken feet, pork hock, rice noodles, chow foon, Taro dumplings, asst cold meats, salt/pepper shrimp w/ heads, various desserts, etc...

There is also one cart with steamed items. Sticky rice, hawgau, shumai, pork buns, yellow custard buns, pork ribs, various shrimp and pork dumplings, shrimp balls, etc..

We found everything to be hot, fresh and tasty. A few items we thought were better then the china town establishments. The taro dumplings were the best,also the egg tarts were very good.

A great place when you dont feel like dragging into Boston. Also the price is great at $8.99 for all you can eat. We will be back!

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  1. Do you know what days they offer dim sum and what time to get the best selection?

    1. we got there when it first opened at 11. Seemed like a good time since it got packed quickly after that. They also do it on Saturdays starting at 11.

      1. Oh, thank you for this! It seems that they only offer dimsum on Saturday and Sunday -- too bad for us. I may call and see whether they are doing a holiday dimsum tomorrow :)

        1. They do have a lunch buffet daily as well as a dinner buffet thur-sat. Have not tried either so cant say anything about them. I suspect they are more of the standard suburban chinese type things.

          The dimsum was very authentic cantonese dimsum.

          1. Outstanding info, thank you! I've been going in to Chinatown (from Natick) and now I'll have a leisurely trip west for great Dim Sum on a Sunday morning! Thanks for the info and the recommendations.
            I'll assume that their standard Chinese fare is pretty decent considering their skill and authenticity with Dim Sum. I'll reply again after we try it out