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Sep 3, 2006 07:15 PM

Replacing built-in range with slide-in?

Has anyone ever done this? Do you need a carpenter, or is this something the Sears installer can deal with?

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  1. In all likly hood you will need to modify the cabinets. Most drop ins that I've seen have cabinet underneath them and the opening itself might not be wide enough for a regular free standing range, which id what I understnad you to mean by a slide in. Hard to say with out seeing it and getting measurements

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    1. re: Jack_

      There's no cabinet beneath the current range, as it has a downdraft exhaust. The width of the opening, however, is precisely 30", which is the exact width of the new range, so I'm nervous.

      1. re: pikawicca

        I suggest you go to the manufacturers website and get the instalation instuctions. For instance one of the GE slide ins requiers a minumum opening of 29 15/16" and max of 30 1/16"

        1. re: Jack_

          Thanks, Jack. We might get lucky.

    2. Several years ago Jackp (not to be confused with Jack, above) and I removed the built-in cooktop from our kitchen and pulled out the cabinet beneath it. We had to reface the exposed edges of the Formica countertop and trim out the exposed cabinet edges. Otherwise it was quite a simple operation.

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        Appreciate the input -- if all does not go well, I'll certainly be contacting Jackp for help!

      2. I finally got a quite expensive range on casters, a BlueStar, and love how easily it rolls out so we can clean under and behind it. Why build-in or slide-in a range and go through all that trouble? Good luck with whatever you decide.

        1. How did this project turn out? I am trying to decide whether to do this.