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Sep 3, 2006 06:53 PM

visiting Manhattan, need recs

I'm visiting NYC in mid-September ... and I'm looking for recommendations.

Budgetwise, here are my upper boundaries (though I'd rather not always spend at these limits):
Breakfast $15, prefer $10
Lunch $20, prefer $15
Dinner $25, prefer $20

I'm staying near Broadway and 75th. I'd like to be able to get to these places easily by subway or foot.
I'd like to try dim sum, french, pizza, italian, spanish, mexican, dessert/ice cream, but I'm not limiting my query to these categories; I'm open to other suggestions!!!

Thanks in advance

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  1. Are you dining alone?

    1. make sure you hit barney greengrass for a breakfast.

      1. Best pizza in manhattan- Sal & Carmines, between 101 and 102streets on broadway, in other words aprox 25 min walk or few minutes by bus o subway from your hotel. Also real good chicken at flor de mayo at 100 & broadway

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        1. re: YoungHood

          I grew up near there and have liked Sal & Carmine's since they were in their former location, between 94th and 95th on Broadway, but you really think their pizza is the best in Manhattan? Which other pizzerie have you been to?

          1. re: Pan

            Ive been to all of them, all the usually named spots patsys johns lombardis et all. While Difara blows Sal and Cars away for my money, as a veteran pizza maker myself S&C's are the best in Manhattan. Which ones do you think is better?

            1. re: YoungHood

              I haven't been to Sal & Carmine's for quite some time, but I like Patsy's East Harlem and Arturo's. I guess I should make it my business to go back to Sal & Carmine's when I'm uptown.

        2. Broadway and 75th? You'll be right on top of Big Nick's Pizza which is an UWS instituation. They've got a sister-joint that serves great burgers as well.

          There's a place on Broadway in the 80s called Shanghai Palace that serves very cheap (and also generic, but still tasty) Chinese. The main draw of the restaurant, to be frank, is free, unlimited (though boxed) wine with your meal...

          1. Dim Sum Go Go has fabulous, interesting dim sum, though not on carts. Spotted Pig is great for lunch or dinner (though quite a scene, so go on the early/late side). Fatty Crab has some great dishes and some misses, but their chili crab is out of this world and worth a trip.