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Sep 3, 2006 06:18 PM

what to eat : catalina foothills?

hi. Will be staying in the catalina foothills for a few days. I won't have a car for some of those days and wondered if anyone could recommend something around there? My hotel is near the Tucson Mall. Is this a busy area food-wise or will I have to venture a lot further for anything good?

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  1. The Tucson Mall area is loaded up with franchise-y places. However, Zona 78, a few blocks from the mall, is very good. It's owned by Hacienda del Sol owners, has a very nice wine list and emphasizes pizza, salads and sandwiches. Prices are reasonable and it's very casual, but upscale.

    About 2 miles away, at Campbell and River, are Bistro Zin, Sullivan's, Acacia and Vivace. All are excellent, and Vivace (Italian) is my favorite Tucson restaurant.

    1. One block west of the Mall, is Keys, a So. Florida themed resto. Good soups at lunch, but is aimed at the twenty somethings for dinner. Friday's clam chowder at lunch is best I have had in Tucson. Loud music, TV's, etc. More a nightclub than resto. Depends on your lifestyle I suppose.

      Also at Campbell and River, just west of PF Changs, is Seri Malaka, southeastern Asian. Been there for lunch and dinner, and enjoyed both times. Wide range of dishes from Chinese and Malayasian. Sort of upscale, but good, and recommended by a Malayasian friend as authentic.

      Otherwise, I concur with lawyerbriefs, Vivace is a real treat. And Bistro Zin gets a lot of favorable mentions here.

      But, depending on where you are staying, Tucson public transportation is frustrating at best, and non-existent at worst. A car is really necessary to get out and about.
      Or get a cab.


      1. thank you for the information. I will be alone with my 10 month old most of the time so I will be slogging around with her in the stroller. I am "twentysomething" but I don't think that they will appreciate my kid slinging bits of sweet potato around!