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Sep 3, 2006 05:48 PM

Fresh porcini mushrooms

I'm wondering if there is a place in Montreal that sells good, fresh porcini mushrooms?

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  1. You sometimes see them, fleetingly, at Chez Louis and Chez Nino at the Jean-Talon Market. Take plenty of money.

    1. You could try a new store on Rachel near St-Hubert that specializes in wild mushrooms call Mycoboutique. I know they have frozen porcini and other wild mushrooms. Last time I was in they had baskets of beautiful fresh chanterelles and lobster mushrooms, but I'm not sure if they had Porcini...
      820, rue Rachel Est (514) 223-6977

      1. As interesting and great as fresh porcini mushrooms are,Ihaveneverbeen 100% satisfied with porcini's or cepes as too what Ihave experienced (found) in Europe.Sure the vendor will tell you these are the best,but the safeest bet in Montreal for porcini's is to buy frozen,and apply this to a recipe such as a risotto.Soon if you are lucky,there should be some Matsutake mushrooms at Chez Nino.Wait for these .For the price,take fresh Matsutake anyday over fresh cepes.