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Sep 3, 2006 05:08 PM

utopia cafe for lunch, finally

after reading about the utopia for years, we found ourselves in chinatown on a rare visit and got to visit the restaurant for the first time. i liked it immediately. we were the only non-asian in the place and, as far i could tell, the only ones not speaking english, always a good sign. we ordered the wo wonton and the sizzling chickent claypot. the soup was a light delicious broth with excellent pork and shrimp dumplings, and many delightful additions like scallop and baby bok choy. the claypot was just what i love most in chinese cooking. a wonderful braised chicken with chinese sausage, onions, ginger, peppers, with deep flavors. part of the reason for that is the way they hack those bones to release the richness of the marrow. if bone shards frighten you, avoid this dish. otherwise, you have a treat in store

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  1. Leonard, thanks for the great post. Utopia does make some great claypots, bone shards be damned!

    1. Went there for lunch today on the above notes. YUK!

      Salt and pepper fried squid was a squid steak cut up into pieces - nicely fried but without seasoning or flavor.

      Orange chicken had NO chicken - it was fried bits of batter. We complained and they didn't charge us for the dish - the only thing right about this place.

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        You went to Utopia and didn't have clay pot? From my experience, that was a mistake.

        Their clay pot is quite good. From time to time it has made up for the poor service.