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Sep 3, 2006 04:51 PM

oyster liquor - yay or nay?

personally i think the oyster liquor (the liquid inside the shell that the oyster is happily living in) holds a good chunk of the flavor and is the best part of slurping down a chilled oyster. but several people and/or restaurants drain out the liquor before eating/serving them. the union oyster house here in boston is famous for their oyster bar, but the way they shuck their oysters (i.e. slamming the oyster and shucking knife on a big piece of stone) causes all the delicious liquid to spill out. i'm always disappointed when i order chilled oysters and they come to me without the oyster liquor. it's just not the same.

what's your preference chowhounds?

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  1. Yay. I too am dissapointed when I receive juiceless oysters. Also can't stand when they drown them in mignonette or what have you instead of putting it in a little dish on the side. Some of us do actually want to taste the oyster! Mmmm, oysters, I haven't been eating nearly enough!

    1. I couldnt agree more. There is nothing worst than a dry or vinegar doused oyster.

      1. Dry oysters are such a shame. I think it is dued to poor shucking...having dirt and bits of shell in the liquor, so they remove them by draining the oyster. And then there are places that shucked their oysters ahead of time.

        1. shucking the oyster ahead of time may be the only thing worst than shucking it fresh and draining the liquor.

          1. You can put me in the "hate dry oyster"school. That wonderful cold brininess is part of the wonderful experience of eating a freshly shucked raw oyster. No hot sauce, crackers, horseradish, just a cold oyster with it's wonderful liquor. A plague upon restaurants that drain or doctor up their oysters.