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Sep 3, 2006 04:50 PM

yarmouth to musquodoboit

We'll be traveling along the coast from Yarmouth through Musquodoboit Harbour at the end of September, and would like to experience traditional dishes at recommended restaurants as we meander along the coast. Any suggestions? Once we get to the Musquodoboit area, we'll have access to a kitchen. Any ideas on what types of seafood we might be able to find at that time? Any recommendations on markets or docks where we could buy fish?

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  1. I know it's a little late for your trip but Chez Christophe's on Route 1 in Grosses Coques, near Church Point NS is a real gem. The food is prepared fresh daily on the premisis. The menu has a few items that are available every day such as fricot and rappie pie, both Acadian dishes. They also have other dishes that are made regularly but not every day. The seafood lasagna is fantastic! I have a collegue from Ontario that ate that dish a few years ago and is still talking about it. People call ahead to find you what will be on the menu that day.

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      ...and this is an even later reply from Boston. I'm still savoring my chicken fricot and tapping my toes to the excellent Acadian musicians on a Saturday night. We bought 2 ocean-front acres within a mile of Cristophe's for our retirement. God, I can't wait till it's OUR neighborhood place!