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Last night was my first visit to Roy's in Topanga Canyon. The atmosphere is nice ... very warm and comfy ... the service was excellent ... and the food ... I had a terrific meal. I started with a salad of figs, prosciutto, some cheese (don't know what kind) in a mild vinaigrette. It was really good. Then I had the macadamia encrusted mahi-mahi which was quite good. It's served with red potatoes (boring!), and asparagus (just okay). But the mahi-mahi was excellent! For dessert I had a delicious almond tart, served warm, with vanilla ice cream on top and a small assortment of fresh berries on the side. I will definitely go back ... my dining companion was equally impressed!

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  1. I suggest the hot chocolate cake the next time you get dessert there. Glad you've discovered and enjoy the place!