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Sep 3, 2006 04:00 PM

Block Island report

Just back from 3 days on Block Island and thank you to all posts past. A quick report.

Dinner at Eli's was a highlight. Yes, small and crowded but they take your cell phone number and call when the table is ready. And their time estimate was right on. Dinner was great. Oysters with slaw, barely cooked. Tuna and salmon entrees both great - unusual sauces and accompaniments. You think they're over-reaching but they're not. Everything was cooked just right. Friendly and efficient service.

The next night needed a lighter dinner so we did Mohegan Grill right opposite the ferry. The salad with sliced tuna was good - real, rare tuna slices. Mussels were OK - the tomatoes were right out of the can (my husband moved them to his bread plate to cut them up). Chowder and crab cakes were very good. Their own beers are mainly dark and well-made.

Lunches at Three Sisters and A&E were both very good. Twisted Sister and Sea Sister sandwiches were good sized and fresh. Soup of the day at A&E was tasty and not salty. The Oar was a big disappointment - overpriced, slow and mediocre. But there's nothing else over in that part of the island.

Didn't eat at Atlantic Inn, but spent both evenings on their porch for the tranquil view. Very nice way to end the day and the drinks and appetizers were reasonably priced and nicely varied.

Thought about Finn's but it lost out on many counts - everything seemed fried; they predicted a 30 minute wait while there were 5 empty tables in the dining room; it closes around 9 p.m.

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  1. We visited Block frequently in the past and I've always enjoyed the times there. Your list is quite new to me but sounds interesting and I will add it to the places I've visited in the past. Among my past choices is Oar and I am saddened by its fall in appeal and quality. I'll probably stop by just from habit for lunch. Dead Eye Dick's is also near and we have had a number of very pleasant dinners there. Both these places are near New Harbor and many of Block's visitors never venture over from Old Harbor since more of the village is focused there. It is all worth seeing and noshing.

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      Dead Eye Dick's looked better than Oar, but it wasn't open for lunch midweek, alas.

    2. Same here feelin....I've had a few very good lunches at the Oar, but not in 2-3 yrs, so I'm sorry to hear that.