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Sep 3, 2006 03:36 PM

Camp 31 - 1, Purple Pig - 0

Ribfest in Burlington on Friday was a bit of a mosh pit...everyone obviously figured out it was due to rain the next few nights and descended en masse.

Managed to try Camp 31 and Purple Pig (for old timesake) and Camp 31 was declared the unanimous winner. Perfect fall of the bone goodness. Sauce was there, but took a back seat to the delicious ribs. Purple Pig had a very distinct sauce (could go a little easier on the smoke flavouring) but the meat was tougher on the bone. Also, non-food related, the line up took about three times that of longer lines, maybe due to shortstaffing? Staff looked like they were having a blast, but they could have been serving food WHILE having a blast.

Off to Oshawa Ribfest next week for more meaty times.

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