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Sep 3, 2006 03:29 PM

Best microwaveable lunchbox?

All the talk in a previous post about how unsafe it is the microwave plastic has me wondering: what do people use for lunch boxes?

I always empty my plastic ZipLoc into a bowl, but my boyfriend is way too lazy do that. What lunchbox can I buy him that can go from fridge to microwave safely?

It needs to be airtight, of course, for the walk to work. Are there microwaveable plastic containers?

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  1. Rubbermaid is great - they are more expensive than Gladware but they are stain proof, dishwasher safe, etc, and pretty tough plastic.
    I can't remember the exact brand name, but they are clear and hard plastic on the bottom with a gray lid.

    My husband takes them to work .... getting them home again is another story...

    1. As users we can judge how various plastic containers stand up to the heat of microwaved food (rarely more than that of boiling water). We can also see how they stand up to the heat and chemicals of a dishwasher, and how water proof they are.

      Whether they are 'safe', in the sense of releasing harmful chemicals into the food, is not something we can judge from experience. For that we have to depend on tests by professionals. Some of us accept government and industry tests. Others of us believe every claim about the harmfulness of 'non-organic' substances. So at some level it comes down to who you are going to trust or distrust.

      If you want to move beyond a simple acceptance of all 'food grade' plastics, or a rejection of all, then you could look at the plastic identifier code on the bottom a container (e.g. Rubbermaid use type 1, Glad type 5 pp, etc), and research opinions and rumors about the safety of that specific type. One caution, though, those codes are there for recycling purposes, not for food safety purposes. For example, one restaurant grade container that I have is marked '7 other'.