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Sep 3, 2006 02:20 PM

Road Trip to the Steel City report.....

Before I get to the food......I want to compliment Pittsburghers on their city. We were in your town last week for the first time to check out the University of Pittsburgh. Our daughter is a junior in high school. We absolutely loved Pittsburgh......visually it is really cool with the rivers, hills, bridges, old homes etc. and the people couldn't have been nicer. We had our four legged monster with us so we also enjoyed Shendley, Mellon and Fricke Parks!

Now to the food part......Our first stop after driving all day was O's....loved the dogs and the shakes.....thought the much-touted fries were pretty soggy...overall though a great dog place.....other dinner spots....Max's Allegheny Tavern for German food....a great neighborhood place in a someone rundown part of town. The food was excellent as was the service and the prices. Definitely worth a return visit.....Tessaro's for burgers in Bloomfield.....loved it.
One breakfast was at Panero's bakery which we always like but I won't review a national chain. The other breakfast was at Pamela's in Squirrel Hill.....our only disappointment of our visit after all of the love and hype on this board. My daughter's strawberry pancakes were full of mouldy strawberries and they managed to both undercook and burn the pancakes at the same time and the service sucked. Maybe it was just an off-day but do Pittsburgh Hounds find
the Oakland and Shadyside locations of Pamela's better?

We definitely want to return to the Steel City to try more of the recommendations on this board.

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  1. There is also a Pamela's affiliate in the Strip District. They are worth another try and we usually go the more traditional route of eggs and homefries. If you're in the Strip District you may also enjoy DeLucca's or Jo Jo's. Girasole's is an interesting Italian restaurant in Shadyside, with good Gelato upstairs. Assuming you'd enjoy the view and good seafood, even in Pgh, try Monterrey Bay on Mt Washington.

    1. Yes on Pamela's in the strip. They have a Tex-Mex omelet with chorizo and the pancakes are big and thin and tasty.

      The O has been for sale and I think it is currently closed.

      Not far from Max's is Penn Brewery's beer hall. Good German food and their own great beer. Not to take anything away from Max's!

      Another real Pittsburgh place is Fat Heads on the South Side. I mean, where else are ya gonna get an enormous sandwich with perogis on it? You should check their web site to see their menu.

      You can get good Italian everywhere.

      I'm glad you liked the town. There are tremendous cultural resources and don't forget the best ballpark in major league baseball. (Team a little lacking.)

      1. Thanks for the suggestions. We wanted to go to PNC but the weekend we were there they had fireworks both nights which brought the crowds. It looks like a great ballpark. Our team in Boston is tanking too but you still can't get tix. Sox fans are the baseball equivalent of Steelers fans.

        1. We've been to all but the Oaklan location of Pamela's and the Strip District location is definitely the best. Please give them another try before giving up on them. The O almost always has good fries, but I'm guessing they go through cooks real fast so maybe you got a bad batch. Definitely try them again too.