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Sep 3, 2006 12:10 PM

Churrasco Villa (254 Eglinton East)

hows the food / service?

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  1. I used to be a regular both for take out and ine-in. I still go from time to time. Both are excellent, however, the prives are a little steep compared to the places on Dundas West. It's a bit of a fancier restaurant. The food is amazing, though. Make sure you try the drumettes, the ribs and the grilled sardines. And the amazing apple strudel for dessert... A few interesting portuguese wines!

    Go ahead and tell George, Tony and the gang that Frederic sends you.

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      I walk/drive by this place all the time. It smells great from the outside but seems to be a ghost town inside. I've always wondered if the food was any good.
      What would you recommend for a take out lunch??


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        IT ROCKS! Get chicken n roasted potatoes. The fries are great too, but the potatoes are more unique to the villa.

      2. Quarter churrasco chicken with rice, roasted potatoes (the fries are amazing too) and a side house salad. It comes with a aside order of piri-piri sauce (mild, medium or hot). Don't forget a Sumol!

        1. I used to love this place before it was "discovered". It isn't always a ghost town and they don't always handle crowds very well.

          The smells coming from here are amazing. The food is generally good, and can rise well above that. However, I find the chicken very dry. I'm told this is the authentic way to cook churrasco, but it used to be moister and, in my opinion, better.

          It isn't extremely expensive, but it IS expensive for its type of restaurant. I once made special journeys to eat here. I still go on occasion, but only when I'm in the neighbourhood.

          1. By far the best Chicken and Potatoes of its kind! Dinner can be very busy but worth the wait. Never dry at dinner time when the chickens are hot off the grill.