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Sep 3, 2006 05:58 AM

where to get good crab in maryland

new to dc/balto area & looking for a sunday drive... does anyone know of a fantabulous place to go & eat some of that yummy md crab that i've heard so much about? it would be preferable if they also serviced up some terrific "other" food for the non-crab shelling partner of mine.

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  1. This question or one like it gets asked at least once per week so you may want to do a little research of your own using the search feature. Since you are looking for a sunday drive, you can go about 2 hrs from DC to the town of Rock Hall, MD, for crabs at Waterman's. Won't do much better than that, and they have some good non-crab items as well (ribs, prime rib, burgers, etc).

    For places closer to home, you'll find much debate on this board. In general, you are far better off in Baltimore area than DC area. In the DC area my favorite place is the Quarterdeck in Arlington. In Baltimore, Bill's Terrace Inn and Kelly's are favorites...Bo Brooks or Obrycki's attract more of a tourist crowd but are still good, and would be well-suited to people brand new to crab picking.

    Cantler's out past Annapolis would offer you a shorter Sunday drive and excellent crabs, but the rest of the menu is iffy according to most.

    1. Long ago, we had a very good crab lunch in Annapolis. I can't remember the name of the place (I know.. not very helpful). The town isn't all that big. You can probably walk around and see what looks appealing.

      1. thanks, for your responses! i also found this website that i am hoping will be very useful in my quest for a delightful meal!


          Clarkes Landing Inn for a crab cake sandwich. It's a 2 hour drive tops, probably less this weekend. Thompsons is on the way for soft shell and other items. More to be found in the whole area.

          1. Cantler's in Annapolis. Great food. Beautiful view.