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Sep 3, 2006 05:40 AM

SF - Bambino's on Cole... $12 Tuesday Rustic Italian dinners?

There was a mention of Bambino's in a thread, that's what it seems to get, brief mentions ... every few years.

Funny, but when looking for restaurants on Cole a few years back, there was a one line mention not to go there. I think it was the only really negative mention on the site ... rats.

The only detailed post was this one:

So from what I can piece together

- probably one of the better delivery pizza options in the city
- hearty brunch with good scones

Looking at the website, what seems interesting is the $12 Tuesday night three-course Rustic Italian dinners (Una Cena Rustica). They also offer a selection of $12 bottles of wine.

Has anyone tried the Tuesday special dinner?

Some of the dishes that sounded interesting were the rustic chicken pie and the pork loin with juniper berries.

Someone mentioned an ownership change there. Anyone know if and when that was?

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  1. We order delivery (usually not pizza, though that is excellent) from them at least once a week (we have a young baby). It's all good, including the special Tuesday dinners. In general we order off of the "Dinner Specials" page. I especially like the composed salads. Be warned that portions are quite large.

    We also go there for weekend brunch a lot, since people from other neighborhoods tend to fill Zazie and ignore Bambinos. Better to go to Zazie on a weekday morning when it's less crowded.

    I don't know anything about an owner change. It seems to have been run by the same Greek family for the past 3-4 years, though I no longer see the guy who I thought was the owner (bald, with glasses) around. The food seems to be the same as always.

    1. We love their thin crust three cheese pizza and their weekend brunch is quite nice.

      We've been meaning to try out their Tuesday night dinner for ages but haven't made it there yet. The specials are different each week - they publish them month's worth at a time on a flyer (with your bill or comes with your pizza delivery).

      I usually notice an ownership change but haven't noticed any change in quality.

      1. We are regulars for the Tuesday night special dinners at Bambinos. Delivery is free and the food is consistently great. This past month, I've had Tuscan Bean Stew, Gorgonzola Risotto, Lamb Stew and last week Chicken Pie. At only $12, it is a complete steal! You also get a salad (make sure to get the pomegranate dressing) and soup.

        Their regular menu is good as well, but because we're on a strict budget we tend to stick to the Tuesday night dinners. We feel like we're really treating ourselves but are only paying as much as we would for a random take out!

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          Mmmm ... pomegranate dressing ... thanks for the tip. This sounds like a wonderful deal that has pleased lots of people.