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Sep 3, 2006 05:16 AM

What's up with Cru?

We spent 10 days in NY and stayed at a place near Cru, on the corner of 9th and 5th Ave., and I read about it in Zagats. I was kind of excited about trying it. We'd read that the best bet was to do the casual appetizers in the front bar. But when we called, we got a message machine that referred us to to make a reservation, but we were unable to speak to any human beings. The website seemed dead. And when we walked past there, it looked totally closed.

We had to conclude that it was closed. But was it closed for good or just closed for the Labor Day holiday? Any word?

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  1. I had one of the best meals of my life at Cru. I did the Chef's tasting menu and it was worth every penny. As far as I know, they do not serve lunch at all as I've passed by during the day and seen the place pretty dark and empty. They do take reservations through Opentable but I can't imagine that they wouldn't also take them over the phone. Were you saying that Opentable seemed dead? What do you mean? Try again and enjoy your meal!


    1. Thanks; can't try again as we are back in LA now. Opentable wasn't dead, but the Cru website was dead. They never answered the phone although the message gave their open hours and we called during that time. The place looked really dark and empty -- like we peeked thru the windows and it looked like the back bar had no bottles on it at all. Maybe they were just closed for the Labor Day break.

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        The website is perfectly fine.

        Sounds as though they are closed for vacation. If that is the case, I think it's very unprofessional of them not to include a message to that effect on their answering machine.

      2. No that they need anymore praise, but two years ago I did have an unbelievable meal there. That type of high-end stuff is not my cup of tea usually. But I enjoyed it. Very fine on all accounts.

        1. They were closed for vacation. From the Opentable page on Cru: "CRU will be closed from Monday 8/28 until Monday 9/4. We will re-open on Tuesday 9/5." I'm sure it was a mistake if they forgot to put the same message on their answering machine!

          1. Cru is closed for non payment of rent...court eviction notices on the entrance door

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              i knew it...i live over there...the place is a ghost-town for at least 6 months...after shea left, it was even emptier.

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                Hmm, eviction notices are gone, and a sign on the door says they will reopen next week. They're still taking reservations on Opentable, so I'm guessing they actually will reopen (?).

                1. re: streamwise

                  On Sunday, two workmen were painting the exterior front area...

                  1. re: penthouse pup

                    i live in the building. i bet theyd rather settle something with the restaurant than have the restaurant sit empty. ill do some investigative reporting once i put on some underwear.

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                      They're definitely open now, although I think they're still replacing kitchen staff. Interior and exterior has been lightly refreshed (paint, carpets, etc....), but it seems to be pretty much the same.

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                        I am happy to report that Cru is alive and well (or as well as can be expected in these difficult times). We went for dinner last night, and found that the chef de cuisine, who has taken over since Shea Gallante's departure, is turning out some fabulous food, every bit as good as it was before. The restaurant was about half full, which is perhaps not so bad considering that many people are still on vacation this week. The menu has changed somewhat, the prices are still very reasonable for the quality, service is perfect as always. One of the best things about Cru is that the wine list includes many older vintages that are hard to find elsewhere and the prices reflect what they paid for them several years ago rather than what one would pay today if you could even find them at retail. Don't be afraid to order from the lower-priced selections and ask the expert advice of the sommelier. Cru is a gem and I hope it will survive as it would be a great loss to the neighborhood if it doesn't make it.

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                          I went there tonight and have to agree. They had two fantastic new dishes on the menu, a crispy sardines w/ pine nuts and mussels, and a rabbit roulade w/ baby fennel and olives, as well as a really good fluke carpaccio which has been on a few weeks. It was really busy tonight, so it looks like things are looking up.

                          1. re: streamwise

                            I walked by yesterday and it appears to be closed once again. No signs or info. on the door, and no opentable reservations are being taken.