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Sep 3, 2006 03:54 AM

Regent Buffet in Las Vegas?

Hopefully someone can help me with this one...will be in Vegas in two weeks and we are planning on going to one or two buffets. I read a review that was a couple years old on the buffet at the regent casino/ resort in Summerlin. When I looked into it, all that came up was the ramport buffet in Summerlin which does not seem to be nearly the same class as what was reviewed at the Regent. We are renting a car so off strip was a possibility. Does anyone know if the Regent exists and still does a buffet? If not, any suggestions for a really good quality buffet with lots opf seafood? (Have done the Bellagio, Rio, Spice Market and Mandalay Bay on past visits)

Thanks very much!


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  1. Hi Meghan,

    The Regent is very much alive but it is now called The Rampart. The hotel and casino, both low key, are among the nicest in Las Vegas.

    I haven't eaten at the buffet since Marriott took over the operation. From most reports, it is average, on a par, say, with the Orleans or Main Street Station. Not a gigantic selection by Las Vegas standards. Here's a link:

    1. Meghan

      I would not drive out to the Rampart for the buffet. The most touted seafood casino based buffet is the one at the Rio (Village Seafood Buffet), but I felt it was very much overpriced given its mediocre quality. I would think a non casino seafood buffet like Todai in the Desert Passage or Makimo at the Las Vegas Premium Outlets would be a much better alternative.