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Sep 3, 2006 02:43 AM

[Clinton Hill] SoulE on Fulton

I'm a soon-to-be transplanted Chowhound from Seattle on an apartment hunting expedition. My wife and I will be moving to NYC next month so I can attend culinary school. Amazingly, I managed to find a great apartment in Clinton Hill with just one day of searching. Anyway, enough about me and on to the review.

Ever since I found our apartment on Thursday I have been trying to spend time in our new neighborhood (my flight isn't scheduled to return to Seattle until Tuesday). Tonight I randomly picked a restaurant for dinner. It is called SoulE and is on Fulton Ave between Washington and St James. The menu is Caribbean/Soul food and, best of all, everything seems to be priced very reasonably. I had a roti that was filled with a delicious goat curry and also ordered a side of fried plantains. I also have to mention that every table was given a small plate of some of the best cornbread I've ever had (and a not-so-great little pastry). The also served a complimentary glass of red wine, which was unfortunately chilled but tasted better after I warmed it up in my hands. I'm sure these little freebies are only because they have been open less than a month. Still, even without those little perks the meal was worth it. Total bill was under $11. Also, I'm not one who cares about portion size, but I should mention that I was only able to eat half of my meal and have the rest waiting for me in the fridge.

I'll definitely be back to try out some other items on the menu. They have a strong seafood selection and, based on what I saw on other tables, it looks pretty good.

Eat Well

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  1. Was your goat roti full of bones? I almost chipped my damn teeth trying to eat it. I live right around the corner from Soule and while I find the salads to be very good and the portions to be generous, the food lacks a certain amount of sophistication that you would expect from a made-up restaurant name with an accent mark. However, I am pleased that something good has opened up on Fulton (especially with Kush departing). I just hope they can work some of the kinks out.

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      Goat used in rotis and stews usually has bones in my experience. If you want refinement (and no bones) with similar flavor, see if they have lamb.

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        be careful! once you get used to the fact that these have bones in them, it gets easier. Actually, I dont think Ive ever had a west indian or indian goat curry that did not include the bones. Its felt that the bone-in dish is more flavorful, and people like to suck on the bones. No, its not very sophisticated or to everyone's taste, but as a bone chewer and sucker I like it.
        Glad that a new, good moderate-price place has opened in this area!

      2. I have not had a real roti that hasn't had bones, either. If I'm on the run, I usually tend to stick to potato and channa rotis or veggie rotis (though sometimes you'll find sprigs of unedible herbs in those). Chicken, goat, lamb, etc. - all have had bones. Haven't tried a fish one yet, so can't comment on those, but the shrimp ones I've seen seem to have been tail-less, at least...