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Taqueria Mexico, Waltham

Finally ate here today for lunch after reading about it for a couple of years - we stumbled onto Mexico by accident (we were trying to make our way to Moody Street by swerving onto Charles St.). Warm chips and salsa and red tomatillo came immediately, along with a warm welcome. Started with the day special of ceviche - chopped up scallop, shrimp, fish, tomato, cilantro, onion. Served on a toasted corn tortilla, with a touch of guacamole. Not at all puckery, two to a serving, about $7. Mmm..

He had the combo fajitas (chicken and beef...he spent about 6 years in Texas, so he is all about the Tex-Mex). Came with the usual rice, re-fried beans, veggies, and 6 corn tortillas (he prefers flour for their pliability). He said the beef was a little tough, but par for the course for fajitas. Otherwise, he was VERY happy. I had the veggie plate, which came with chile rellenos (nice, but greasy from the profusion of cheese), potato quesadillas (I could choose between mushrooms, potatoes, and one other filling...can't recall), the same rice and re-fried beans, dollop of guacamole. I found everything on my plate congealing into one edible object, but damn, it was tasty. I found the rice salty, though and my DC said the meat was a little on the salty side, as well. With one Bohemian and one Dos Equus lager, check came to about $40 including tip. A bit on the expensive side, but hell, after a couple of years living in Pilsen in Chicago, I was glad to eat in a place that felt like any of those places in my old 'hood. No research involved before eating there, clean mom and pop-feeling operation (if they aren't, at least they are definitely proud of the food coming out of their kitchen). We are looking forward to another meal there...I want to try the horchata!

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  1. Thanks for the review - I haven't been there in a while, but I've always enjoyed eating there. I don't think they had ceviche when I was there last - I'll have to check it out.

    1. I have been curious about El Amigo (or whatever it is called now). Next time we trek out to Waltham, I guess!

      1. I love Taqueria Mexico. This place rocks.

        Yes it is a bit rough around the edges, and the service can be spotty. But the real mexican dishes are good (and cheap!) Even the beer there is cheaper. I think that this place is even better than El Sarape in Braintree, and that is even before the difference in price.

        Seriously though if you are eating fajtias there you would be better served by going back to Chili's. I just don't get it when people go to one of the most authentic Mexican rest in the area an order a Tex-Mex abomination like fajtias. Branch out a bit and try something new.

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          Uh, she said he spent 6 years in Texas and loves Tex-Mex; there is nothing wrong with a little comfort food. They started with the ceviche, which is nothing close to Tex-Mex.

        2. Ate here for the first time last night due to the many positive reviews I've read here. We ended up driving around the block as Charles St is a one way. This is not the best looking area, and we were a little suspect but decided to trust the reviews we read. It was a beautiful night so we decided to eat outside. The homemade chips and two salsas were a great start. I had enchiladas and my fiance had hard tacos. Neither of our orders were exactly as offered on the menu, but they were very willing to prepare whatever we wanted. My fiance had a frozen pineapple drink while I stuck with diet coke. Easily the best Mexican food that we have had in a while and the servings were certainly plentiful. Service was also prompt and friendly. The bill was $17 and change before the tip. Glad we trusted what we read here, we will definitely go back.

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            Glad you liked it. Sometimes I worry about my recomendations.

          2. I've always liked the taqueria Mexico. It's quaint,homey, cosey and the food is damn good. Every so often I try to communicate with my questionable Spanish , and they must go back to the kitchen with the giggles, but the waitresses are always warm and polite. We stick to chicken and veggie dishes and are always happy. The liquados are good too. The "Hungry Coyote" must be cutting into their business but there's enough for both.

            1. Taqueria Mexico now has an outpost in Brookline, on Beacon Street near Coolidge Corner. A tiny place, only five or six tables (but table service). Doesn't look as though they have a beer license. Presidente combo plate was very good, though, as was my wife's pastor and the fresh chips and salsa.

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                It's the old New Taste of Asia space, right?

              2. Which side of Coolidge Corner? Towards Washington or towards Fenway?

                1. Towards Washington, on the inbound side of Beacon.

                  1. Taqueria Mexico is great, was even better many moons ago on when it was on Prospect St in Waltham. It is not in the best area now and the parking can be bothersome (unless you park across the street at the bank). The service can be spotty which makes me glad I am Bi-lingual, but you cant beat the price. The Hungry Coyote that was on Moody St (actually cousins to the Taqueria people) was EXCELLENT, unfortuantely, they didnt pay their bills and is now closed. They had the best Torta's I have ever come across.

                    1. i went to taqueria mexico in brookline today for lunch. it is on the south side of beacon street, about 2 blocks or so west of the intersection with harvard.

                      the space is cheery, and the service friendly. (unlike the taquerias i'm used to, there is table service.) i was quickly given a basket of freshly fried tortilla chips and 2 types of salsa, one smooth and spicy, one chunky and less spicy. the chips were hot and crisp, if a bit on the greasy side. the salsas were both very good. i had the taco plate--4 tacos and you choose 2 fillings; i had carnitas and carne asada. the tacos arrived promptly, were delicious, and well-presented. they had a good amount of filling, came on fresh, hot corn tortillas, and were served with some of the best guacamole i've ever had. on the minus side, i thought both meats were a bit dry, and the carnitas had a bit of gristle. (i was there a bit after the usual lunch time, so maybe that had something to do w/the meat being a bit dry.) other than that, though, it was an excellent lunch.

                      i would say, on the basis of this visit, that they are on a par with tacos lupita, which is, as far as i can tell, as good as mexican gets in boston. i am very very glad they are now in brookline, which is waaaay easier to get to than waltham. (thanks for tipping me off, bartleby!)