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Sep 3, 2006 01:02 AM

Bathurst and Dundas......Good eats????

I just started working in the area of Bathurst and Dundas, a foodies dream really. Near Kengsingoton market, Chinatown, bathurst and king, and bathurst and bloor.

I've already starting exploring the eats in the area, but wanted to know if anyone has any good recommendations, especially for take out on my way home. Thanks.

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  1. try cafe brasiliano a couple of blocks west of bathurst and dundas on the south side of dundas. it's a cafe/lunch and dinner counter type of place. excellent espresso based coffees, and one of the best deals for lunch or dinner. hvery hearty food, leaning towards diner italian ex. rice balls, veal sandwich, etc. the family running the place is great, service is always friendly, and the clientele is very loyal with dozens of regulars. it's a favourite amongst cabbies, which is always a good sign. utterly unpretentious, just like dundas itself. stays open late, although different food items do run out by the evening.

    i have not been but saw decent reviews of side door cafe, probably just a block west of bathurst. muse is very popular with local residents, but i always end up at brasiliano so don't really know it. on the same strip - might be worth just taking a stroll for a few blocks on dundas west to get a sense of what's there. after work you might want to check out a few bars for drinks - chelsea lounge, the press club, coctail molotov and the recently opened magpie are all within short walking distance of the intersection.

    1. Cafe 668 on Dundas just east of Bathurst has really fresh, inventive vegetarian Chinese. I also like Cafe Brasiliano.

      1. CALIFORNIA sandwiches! =) It's just north of Dundas, around Shaw
        here's the website:

        1. thanks! I will definatley give your suggestions a try!