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Sep 2, 2006 11:52 PM

Giordano's vs. Lou Malnati's - which locations?

Planning a mid-September trip and without igniting a "which is better" pizza war - how about any suggestions on which locations of Lou's and Giordano's are best?

We're staying in Bucktown but will be playing all over the city for a weekend.

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  1. Just returned from 2-days and went to the Giordano's off Michigan (think Superior but next to Peninsula Hotel). Haven't had a deep dish on-site (used to bring home on the plane) but the taste was exactly the same as I remember from 1980. My only comment is they were light on the toppings that we added. Half was sausage and pepper and the other half canadian bacon. There was probably 50% of what I remember and there were way too many pappers as compared to sausage.

    1. Chowhounds in general would say that Lou Malnati's is far better than Giordano's. Lou Malnati's on Wells, Uno's or Due's original locations at Wabash between Ohio and Ontario, or Geno's East on Rush Street are widely considered to be the very best for deep dish. Forget Giordano's.

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        Oh no you didn’t! Now that's a BIG incorrect generalization there amoncada! And after jfood asked us for no "pizza war" remember?

        It would have been safer for you say that you and many of the other (misguided) Chicago chowhounds prefer Lou's over Giordano's as far as you know, since many of us dislike Lou's altogether.

        I guess I never thought I would be taking the side of a Southside establishment over a Northside one, but here we are; I'll take Giordano's over Lou's any day!

        Next thing you know I'll be booking a sky-box at Comiskey. Funny thing is, I grew up on the Northside in Roger's Park, and then moved out to Skokie as a teen not very far from the original Lou's on Lincoln Ave. Back then, we always drove right past Lou’s and on to Gulliver’s for great deep dish or Barnaby's, and then later on Pequod's or Edwardo's, Lou's just never cut it for any of my Skokie pals or family.

        1. re: abf005

          That's funny. I grew up in Edgewater, and although I love Gullivers and Barnaby's, too (two totally different pizzas), Lou's is where I go when I'm in a SERIOUS pizza eating mood.

          Not so much for Pequods or Edwardo's.

          1. re: abf005

            maybe I am not picky but I like them all -

        2. edwardos is crap. i used to live around the corner from the one on dearborn. yuck. lou's is highly over rated. giordanos is my favorite. it has alot of cheese, good crust, good toppings, a top layer of dough, and excellent sauce. lou's crust is more cornmealy and the sauce is basicly a can of crushed tomatoes spread on top a weak ass layer of cheese. for thin crust i like pizza aroma up in edgewater. good backups for thin thick or stuffed are chicagos, barrys spot, and golden crust. golden crust especially if you like a thick crust thats nice and doughy inside and firm outside.
          medicis in hyde park is also very good.

          1. Here's another vote for Giordano's. Definitely my personal favorite. I like Malnati's too; I just like Giordano's better.

            The first question you need to ask yourself is whether you prefer a double-crust stuffed pizza, or a thick-crust deep-dish pizza. Giordano's serves stuffed (as do Edwardo's and Carmen's), Malnati's serves deep-dish (as do Uno's and Gino's East). I love Giordano's stuffed pizza for its tasty crust. When I'm in the mood for the heavier feel of deep-dish, Malnati's is a good choice. I don't think any of these are "crap"; in fact, within each category (stuffed or deep dish), they're all quite similar.

            My experience is that the location doesn't matter; both franchises seem to do a good job of keeping the quality consistent at all locations.

            Giordano's (stuffed) -
            Lou Malnati's (deep dish) -
            Edwardo's (stuffed) -
            Gino's East (deep dish) -
            Uno's and Due's (deep dish) -