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Sep 2, 2006 09:48 PM

Cafe 99 in Park Ridge,NJ

Has anyone been to the new Cafe 99 in Park Ridge, NJ? I was wondering if it was worth a try.

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  1. I haven't been there, but are there any places in Park Ridge worth travelling to, especially with kids? Park Ridge is near Westwood correct? Thanks!

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      I live in Park Ridge and we go to Cafe 99 at least once a week. The food, service and atmosphere are great. They are also very kid friendly. If you are a sport fan it's even better. They have at least 6 or 7 flat screen TV's located all over the resturant playing every game that's on at that time. They also have live entertaniment on Friday nights. I highly reccomend it!

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        I took the advice below and went there. We enjoyed it but now I went by and it's closed..........the food and prices were good. What happened?

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          I took the advice below and went there. We enjoyed it but now I went by and it's closed..........the food and prices were good. What happened?

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            It closed because it was terrible and most of the locals avoided it. The atmosphere wasn't either restaurant or sports bar but I think it tried to be both. The only time we were there I ordered chicken with mole sauce which I've had MANY times and theirs tasted like something from outer space Horrible food. I hear it's going to be an Italian restaurant in the future. Don't know if the same owner is going to re-open or if he sold it.

        2. There is a popular upscale restaurant called Esty Street. When we ate there several years ago we found it overly fussy and expensive (for what you got.) However, I drove past there recently and the parking lot was full, so who knows? Park Ridge is northwest of westwood, just south of Montvale.

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            From what I have been told, it is a very nice place to have dinner... Great service, food and atmosphere. Just moved to Montvale and was told to go there...

            Will report as soon as we do...

          2. Any kid friendly places to go to in that specific area of NJ?

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              Just moved to Montvale 8 weeks ago so I am still searching out places in the area...however, so far I have a few...

              1. Jade Village, the best chinese/japanese (two restaurants in one). Sounded a bit too much when I was told about it but it is fantastic. Went a few times and picked up a few times. They are sooo nice... Once took my brother and niece, vegetarians, hubby and I are meat eaters... The staff was adoring to my seven your old niece, accomodated her fussiness with kindness and they ooh and aah over my growing belly every time. It is
              usually filled with families. Haven't eaten on the Japanaes side yet, pregnant and cannot eat sushi but they make me the best avocado rolls for an appetizer every time. BTW: I forgot to mention the food is fantastic.

              It is in a big old house in the middle of Chestnut Ridge/Montvale on South Pascack Road. You need to look it up for directions, a bit complicated. It is

              2. Ristorante Paradiso - Italian in Rivervale... Owned by a lovely family... I have seen plenty of families eating in there. It is BYOB, table cloths but casual and affordable. Nicer than the typical family restaurant but I would definitely bring well behaved children there... Food is terrific as is the service.

              Will post a few more in a bit...I need to look up some notes :-)

            2. Nearby is Turkois Grill, on Saddle River Road in Airmont (about 1/2 mile north of the Rockland County line). It is a great and nicely decorated Turkish place, with an extensive, authentic menu, in an unassuming strip mall location. My kids have enjoyed eating there, but be aware that there is a belly dancer on weekend nights!


              1. In reply to the above Park Ridge question -

                I am from Park Ridge and there are a few places worth going to.
                The most upscale place, I think, is the Park Steakhouse. It's a bit overpriced but it's the best you will get in the town. The DiBella family, who used to own the town's garbage business (winkwinknudgenudge), own and run this place. I've heard that it can be a bit snooty but it's no, uh, Tavern on the Green.

                I hear Cafe 99 has good wings but if you want an adult beverage, they have to serve it to you; I don't believe that they have the proper liquor license required for a true bar. Must be a town ordinance/zoning issue. I'm going tonight to taste the wings and maaaaaybe a quesadilla.

                There's a place literally right down the road from Esty Street called Valentino's. Last time I ate there, it was pretty darn good. I recommend.

                If you're a diner hound, the Ridge Diner - the "Ridge" as it's called - is a tasty treat. Get the combo platter. We used to have a Cheesecake Competition between the Bayonne Diner and this one. I think Park Ridge won, but why not? :)

                Don't go to the Dragon House for Chinese Food. Just...don't. Go to Golden Dynasty in River Vale, straight down Kinderkamack, or Peking Kitchen/House (can't remember) in Hillsdale, which is straight down Broadway.

                I would recommend Itsy Gourmet on Park Ave, the middle of town, but they're incredibly slow. I missed a train heading into the city because I would NOT leave without my bacon, egg and cheese. Then again, I should have timed it better but really, how long does it take to make a damn bacon egg and cheese? Their bagels are decent.

                Marc's Pizza sucks. Avoid it. Park Pizza, which is right next to the train station, is much better. The owner is a swell guy, too, but the pizza isn't bad at all (not NY pizza, of course).

                I think that's it. Hope I didn't forget anything!

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                  I haven't been to Cafe 99 yet but it looks like it is always busy...

                  I second Park Pizza. My hubby and I have tried lots of places in the nabe since we moved in and Park is at the top of the list... not NYC but definitely a contender.

                  I also second the Ridge Diner, two thumbs up!