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Sep 2, 2006 09:29 PM

Cafe At Rosemont (Rosemont NJ) Breakfast / Brunch

I've gone to this tiny charming cafe a few times now for Breakfast and weekend Brunch and enjoyed it every time.

The Cafe has the feel of a time-warp into a General Store, someplace you expect the locals to pull up on horseback (or, SUV) for provisions. Everything, absolutely everything, is "mis-matched", but in a comfy, quaint style. Tables feature odd salt-and-pepper shakers, you may never get the same type of glass or mug, and the artwork and groceries on the shelves are for sale.

The other day I had a late breakfast (ok, it was really lunch) of a daily special - of which several are hand written on chalk boards and brought to your table) that featured two eggs, any style, with local heirloom tomatos, and a crabcake, and a toasted "english muffin". The tomatos were excellent (although I have eaten SO MANY tomatos this year I'm almost glad the season is over) but needed a bit of .... something to perk them up. I still can't get used to the concept of sliced tomatos with eggies, perhaps I need to visit England for a bit?
The crabcake was light, flavorful and perfectly seasoned, with just a hint of spicy and plenty of chunks of crab. Eggs were cooked the way I ordered them (silly me, I like mine Sunny-Side up not over-easy) with a bit of fresh parsley on top. The "english muffin" was more like a sliced loaf of bread, but very tasty when slathered with butter and jam.

Today my companion and I went for brunch (served saturday and sundays). Despite the miserable weather, the place was fairly packed. Fresh squeezed orange juice brightened the morning, along with decent coffee - I've been spoiled by Small World Coffee in Princeton which is excellent - and a pot of chamomile tea for my companion.

I chose a standard menu item of the "Russian Peasant" omelette, two fluffy eggs ("cooked soft" like the menu claims) stuffed with sour cream, potatos and scallions. Oh. And Topped with a generous dollop of caviar, and with two thick slices of black bread. Perhaps I should have been drinking black tea or a few shots of vodka? Excellent omelette, I must say.

My companion had the french toast, 3 or 4 thick hearty slices of baguette nice and eggy on the inside and crispy on the outside. We also tried the "Potatos From Heaven" which were a bit too hard, tossed with rosemary and fried onions, basically a twist on home fries. They offer "bangers", deeply flavorful sausages they have custom made.

Cafe At Rosemont also offers cute choices like a PBJ sandwich with fresh peanut butter and strawberry jam on whole wheat bread (which, with a glass of milk, sounds really appealing to the kid in me) and daily soups and specials.
They serve dinner Thursday through Saturday (Sunday?) and also feature "Drive Locally - Eat Globally" dinners on Wednesday nites. Apparently they research local recipes and dishes from different countries around the world, and create a 3-course prixe-fixe menu (20 dollars roughly ??) featuring app, entree and dessert. This week was Morocco, next week is Chile, and the week after they "travel" to Belgium. Sounds like a definite hit, although they suggest reservations.

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  1. We love the Rosemont Cafe. I've always liked the Peasant Omelette and Ruth's Addiction (which is a chicken quesadilla). I've only been for dinner once, when I was maybe 13 or 14 for my birthday, and it was a totally different experience. The food was still very, very good, but the vibe was strange...maybe because it was nighttime and I'd only been there for breakfast.

    Seeing this post reminds me that we need to get over there soon.