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Sep 2, 2006 09:25 PM

Just moved to the UES - Need some restaurant suggestions...

I just moved to the area around 77th Street and Lexington, and I have never lived in that area of Manhattan. I do not cook, so eating out / ordering in is an everyday event. I need suggestions on where to get the following:
- burger
- pizza
- sushi
- mexican
- red sauce italian
- good cup of coffee
- pub fare
- nicer cocktails or wine bar
Thanks hounds!!!!

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  1. I used to live in the 90s so most of these might be a little farther away:

    Pizza: I think Nick's is the best on the UES (they have
    several locations but there's one on 96th and 2nd), but John's and Totonno's are decent as well.

    Sushi: for everyday sushi Poke at 85th/1st is good and reasonably priced. Ichiro, Gaiyumaru, Tatany, and even Sushi Hana are all ok too. For high end Sushi of Gari's omakase is unparallelled, and I heard Sushi Seki and Sushi Sennin are decent too.

    Mexican: El Paso Taqueria on 97th and park is great and cheap. sabor el mexico around 90th and 1st is good too.

    Italian: some folks like Luca although I found it middling. Sfoglia is getting a lot of hype of late. Bardolino makes tasty bargain pasta dishes.

    Burger: Better Burger serves organic meat although it's kind of tough. J.G. Melon makes small but tasty burgers.

    Pub Fare: Kinsale Tavern makes very good Irish pub grub.

    Cocktails: for old world pricey Bemelman's Bar is it. for more hip/modern, there was some wine bar in the 70s (L-something?)but i'm forgetting the name sorry. Stir is a cool bar/lounge in the 70s.

    UES is notoriously blah for food compared to the rest of town. My only real faves there are maybe Nick's, el paso, the sushi joints, Mingala Burmese, Ethiopian Restaurant, Beyoglu.

    It's too bad you don't cook though because you live right near a Citarella!

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    1. re: jeanki

      Of the sushi places suggested - our favorite for "cheap" sushi is Ichiro - I was very disappointed by Poke. Amber can be quite good, but for the money (or a little more money), I'd rather go to Gari.

      1. re: MMRuth

        I was also disappointed by Poke. I'd heard so many great reviews, but (at least when I went) the fish was not fresh at all.

        1. re: Kanger

          That was my sense - it has been over a year since I went, but my overall impression was that I had no interest in waiting in line for that quality of fish.

        2. re: MMRuth

          I concur. Ichiro is very good and not that expensive. Make sure to get to know "Sam" the sushi chef. One of the best in the city.

          1. re: The Baron

            Thanks for the tip - we always sit at a table, so maybe will try the sushi bar next time.

      2. For a good Irish Pub try:
        Finnegan's Wake
        1361 First Avenue
        New York, NY

        They got pretty good pub food at reasonable prices.

        1. JG Melon's for burgers

          Atlantic Grill for dinner

          Tiramisu for pizza and italian food but i like their pizza more than the other stuff

          EJ's and Barking Dog for very casual inexpensive meals (diner like)

          Delizia pizza joint which I like better than the rest, definitely don't like Ray's right by you on 76th & 3rd. (My preference is thin crusts pizzas.)

          BBQ take-out when I have run out of other things, very inexpensive and OK for once in a while fix on ribs or chicken.

          Jeanki is right cooking is a lot easier, with Citarella, Eli's and Graces nearby. Also another one on 79 St and 1st Ave. I can never remember the name bec. I never go there. But it is close to you too. Also numerous korean fruit and vegetable stores in the hood.

          Hope this helps.

          1. Our favorite place in the neighborhood for comfort food and friendly surroundings is a tiny Turkish restaurant, Uskudar, on Second between 73rd and 74th. Our feet just go there automatically.

            1. Sushi -- Inase very good new place. Authentic and not the usual sushi.
              Burger -- Luke's. Best burger around.
              Italian -- Rughetta is very good and Erminia is an expensinve, special place