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Sep 2, 2006 08:42 PM

Lourdas Taverna or Cafe Fresko?

Going to one of these two on Tuesday - which would you go to, why, and do either take reservations/ credit cards? I know both are BYO, right? TIA.

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  1. Both are good. Lourdas is sun-drenched during the day. Simple white and blue decor. Excellent greek salads and small plates. All the customers are smiling. Excellent service. The clientele includes lots of ladies who look like local professors. I have been there multiple times over the past few years.
    Went once to Fresko. The service was also excellent. I remember that the food was good, but don't recall the specifics of the meal. The decor is more jewel tones and beige. More upholstered. I know Lourdas is BYO, but check if Fresko has a bar.

    1. I will second the comments made about Lourdas. I have never been to Fresko so I cannot compare. I have had a fantastic whole grilled fish at Lourdas and just love their warm pita and olive oil at the start of the meal. The appetizer with mixed Greek specialties is also really good. Be forewarned Lourdas is CASH ONLY and you should call in advance for reservations.
      I AM a local professor and Suefoo has made me wonder exactly what makes us stand out...please no one answer that!!

      1. I went to college nearby!

        1. Humorous posts on the review there - guess it IS a place where professors go to dine.
          Might I add my comment as I chew on the most succulent Gyro this side of the mediteranean. For take out or dine in - Lourdas' is excellent and imo the best Greek on the main line - and maybe the philadelphia area. Great Tzatziki; an authentic Moussaka, and good, friendly service to boot. I definitely recommend this BYOB to anyone looking for good greek in the area. I will have to try fresco and see how it compares sometime, but I found Lourdas first and have had no reason to go anywhere else.

          1. I have been wanting to try Lourdas, and I love moussaka. I don't know what an authentic moussaka is but does that mean it's made with lamb? I don't like lamb.