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Station Pub And Grub (Bernardsville NJ)

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We had an unplanned dinner the other evening at this bustling new "burger joint" in the heart of B-ville.
Its quite busy, and a bit loud, definitely a popular new location with an interesting pub menu.

Ceasar salad was just that, nothing fancy, nothing untoward, nice and crisp.
Ditto for the mushroom soup "bisque" although a bit garlicky, nice and hearty.

We went for a lighter meal, choosing their burgers, which seemed appropriate.
I thought the "Chorizo Burger" sounded really interesting. I read the menu which states "beef and chorizo... aged together...". Knowing that fresh chorizo and mexican-style chorizo comes as ground crumbled meat, I was thinking they aged the beef WITH the chorizo mixed in, and served it as a burger patty.
However, they give you strips of sliced chorizo on top of a regular burger. Not exactly what I was expecting, but still very good, excellent taste, quality meat.

They do have very good burgers, and side items like a HUGE order of excellent beer-battered onion rings and not-so-common steak fries (the thick kind).
Our server was courteous and swift, but I observed that some of the other servers seemed a bit frazzled.

Definitely a good place to grab a bite to eat, but perhaps a better idea on a weeknight when its not so crowded and chaotic.

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