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Sep 2, 2006 07:43 PM

Dinner Sunday - 1 Eats No Meat, Another Eats No Veg. HELP

We're having friends over tomorrow for dinner. One is a Vegetarian and another is a Meatarian. The rest of us are regular Omnivores. I have successfully used Madhur Jaffrey as a guide for these meals in the past.

I have had this combo over for dinner several times before and last time made some fritters (pakoras, spinach/ricotta/feta, etc.) along with a chicken dish and a large salad. I have spent many years attempting to trick the Meatarian into eating stuff like eggplant and spinach by putting them into bite-size morsels that are deep fried. To a large extent it has worked.

Any ideas for the non-meat parts of the meal?

I always make a big dessert in case the mains don't totally satisfy.

Any suggestions appreciated.

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  1. How about making one roasted vegetable and one meat lasagne? Both the vegetarian and the meat-eater are happy. Others can pick and choose or take some of each.

    1. Along the same lines as Feed Me, how about some pasta dressed lightly in tomato sauce (or garlic, olive oil and grated parm if the meat eater eschews tomatoes), with sides of meatballs, roasted summer squash, garlic bread, etc? That will cut down on the work for you and still have options for everyone!

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              I imagine the OP would have mentioned if her fried were pesco-vegetarian, as that would change the equation considerably, and perhaps make it easier.

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                What about it, Oakjoan? Do you know if your guests are Pescatarian, Flexitarian, Lacto-vegetarian, Vegan, Raw Vegan, etc. (that's about all I'm familar with.:)) It certainly does make a difference in what's acceptable to them.

        1. how about fajitas? grilled veg for the veg, and grilled steak for the meat lover...

          1. Can the vegetarian eat dairy? My uncle use to be a vegetarian until he tasted my Mom's food. But he used to eat veggie lasagna with fake meat. You can also buy canned gluten in an asian market. They got mock duck, but the fried gluten is pretty good and you can cook it like meat with a stir fry.
            A simple dish would be stir fried chicken with canned wheat gluten with oyster sauce. Heat a pan/wok. Wait till its hot and add oil. Heat the oil and then throw in ginger (if you don't have ginger throw some wine in later), after tossing it around take ginger out. Throw in cleaned broccoli in and stir fry. After tossing it around (you put wine in now or some alcohol, I may use my leftover bachelor beer now) put in oyster sauce and fried gluten. Put cover on for about 5 minutes. Get corn starch (1 tablespoon) mix with a little cold water. Dump that in and mix and turn off flame and serve.
            Even a bachelor can do this. I got fed up because none of my girlfriends can cook.