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Sep 2, 2006 07:15 PM

Local Markets With Matsutake Mushrooms

Does anyone know where to get these? I understand the season just started.

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  1. matsutakes usually start a little later in the fall, the middle to end of september. you can usually find them at marukai or at mitsuwa. david, the mushroom guy at the santa monica wednesday market, often has them, too.

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      There are matsutake mushrooms aplenty on the menu at Asanebo right now, so I'd be surprised if they aren't yet in season.

      1. re: FED

        Matsutake season started early this year; I’ve already had them x4 starting in August (at Asanebo).

        Looks like Nijiya Market has matsutake from Oregon at $29.99 lb

        you might also try Mitsuwa Market

      2. I think I just saw them at IMP (International Marine) last week. 100- min

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          1. I saw a stand at the Farmers Market in Santa Monica this morning (Saturday, September 2) selling Matsutake Mushrooms for $48/pound.

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