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Sep 2, 2006 07:05 PM

Favorite Rainy Day Places?

It's a cold and rainy day and hopefully most people are out of town--wondering where to go tonight to enjoy the dismal day. What are your favorite rainy day places for food and drinks. I'm thinking maybe St. Dymphna's --it's pretty cozy. Or maybe trying out Grape Grain--anyone have any ideas for somewhere to go

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  1. St Dymphna's is a nice option - you can't beat a good guinness draft there!

    Another option if you feel like staying in on a rainy day
    is - they deliver in under an hour - food, drinks, ice cream, dvds & stuff.

    Kind of a mix of and

    1. I think Chumley's is a great rainy/snowy day place (especially when they have their fire going). I also am a big fan of Balthazar in bad weather. I haven't had dinner there, but Danal would seem to be perfect for a rainy day brunch.

      1. I was just in Trailer Park today......on 23rd and 7th, I think, after being dragged in by a friend. Completely unpretentious, super friendly, doesn't pretend to be anything it isn't - and the food is surprisingly good. We both tried the veggie burger upon the server's rec and it was actually the first tasty veggie burger I've ever had; I couldn't get enough of it! It came with highly addictive sweet potato fries, too.

        We were there early, but it feels like a place that'd turn into a popular dive at night. Not a bad place to get a beer and burger though...has anyone been there?