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Larry's lower QA Seattle

Is now Metropolitan Market. Good news, I think, for the neighborhood. Prices might jump, but at least there will still be excellent grocery shopping. It appeared from the notice in the store that so far only this location was bought, so don't know what will happen with the other larry's locations.

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  1. Larry was once a breath of fresh air in seattle, but he was getting a little stale, I guess. I confess, his margins drove me elsewhere for the most part, but I'd make a special trip from time-to-time for his Crabcakes. Dungeness and butter, it's hard to go wrong from a start like that. I was disappointed to hear of his demise, but now have a working replacement. The Ballard Market (15th Ave NW, just above Market Street) now prepares dungeness crabcakes that may even be a step above the lamented Larry's. They do not, however, have a (you may want to close your eyes for this) seafood cocktail sauce anywhere close to Larry's, which had well-balanced horseradish. Although this makes "crabcakes day" even more of a project, great cocktail sauce can be found at Jack's Fish Spot (and it freezes well). Warning: these ain't cheap. At $15 a pound, or so, they'll set ya back $7 or $8 a pop.

    Any other crab-cake ideas are surely welcome here.

    1. All of the Larry's Market locations have been sold. Some will remain groceries, some will change to other uses.

      I am thrilled that the Queen Anne Larry's was purchased by Metropolitan Market. I have shopped at the upper Queen Anne Met. for many years (since it was QA Thriftway). The neighborhood has been upset by the property owners' plan to redevelop the block the market sits on and lease the new grocery store to QFC/Krogers. If this happens (by no means a done deal) at least we will have an excellent market near by.

      I also like the Ballard Market, but it is a little far away for me to make it my regular market.

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        Yes, the upper QA store always has great product, so it will be nice to have them in the vastly larger space on Mercer. It's been getting kind of depressing lately to see the shelves half empty at Larry's - obviously trying to minimize inventory until the deal went through. Yesterday they seemed to have some extra staff helping with the transition, filling up the cases, and customer service seemed extra good. Also many of the familiar staff faces, so people are being given the opportunity to keep ther jobs (well, re-apply w/ MM, but at least they have that.)

      2. Based on an article I read yesterday, the Kirkland location has already closed, the Bellevue one will follow in about a month, and both will become GI Joe's stores. The Redmond one will remain a Larry's Market (under the management of Associated Grocers) although with a brand new Whole Foods opening just a couple of blocks from there, I suspect they're in for a bit of a rough ride.

        1. Metropolitan Market does a great job in this town. I hope they open more up, there are still not enough around Seattle.

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          1. The Tukwila Larry's was bought by the folks who operate Summit Trading Company, a grocery store in Puyallup. I was in the neighborhood right after they announced the sale, so I went in and checked it out. It's pretty much the anti-Larry's--very low-end selection, all about low prices. There were no premium brands to speak of, mediocre-looking produce and service deli, and generally not much to recommend it to a chowhound who'll pay a little more for quality.

            Ah, well...I never did understand how a Larry's ended up in my neighborhood, down here in the near-south end 'burbs. The store had been going way downhill for months before they declared bankruptcy--empty shelves, reduced selection, all-around air of abandonment. At least a new owner will re-stock--but I'll probably have to get used to driving a ways for anything beyond the basic staples.

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              Well, I think it is too soon to tell what Summit will do with the Tukwilla store. They might decide to go a bit upscale from their Puyallup location (perhaps even something along the lines of a standard Thriftway or Red Apple).

              As to why Larry's had a Tukwila location, I think this was a store established by the founder's well before they went upscale and is a leftover from that era.

            2. Does anyone know when Met Market is set to open in the new space?

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                On Queen Anne? The store is open and whatever transition will be happening is underway. The takeover was effective 9/1.

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                  They were passing out a press release at the QA store a week or so ago... here's a copy of it on their website.


              2. For whatever reason the Lower QA Larry's didn't seem to go quite as far downhill during the bankrupcy process as some of the other stores, probably something to do with knowing they wouldn't have any problems finding a buyer.

                I'm just sad Met Market wasn't in a position to buy all of the stores.

                It will be interesting to see what Hop Thanh does with the Oak Tree store.

                As for the other two locations that are remaining grocery stores we'll just have to wait and see.

                1. I haven't actually been inside the Redmond store since the sale, but the most recent ad seems to be no different than usual, which leads me to believe that they'll keep it much the same as it is now. I suspect that given the demographics of the area, an upscale store is about the only thing that'll even fly there. They have a Safeway and a Fred Meyer within a couple of blocks, and would probably be wise to stick to the higher end stuff to distinguish themselves.