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Sep 2, 2006 06:02 PM

Vail Valley -- When Is Costco Opening?

Does anyone know when Costco is supposed to open?

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  1. RR (aka Dick), I went past there today. The outside looks almost complete and, as you know, there is not a lot Costco does to the inside. They said October last spring, so we are counting on it being Thanksgiving at the latest. The impact on the Valley is going to be large. We'll finally be able to get better quality meat, veggies, cheese and fish at a fair price than from City Market. Because of the way liquor is regulated in Colorado, the grocer can't sell using the same entrance (thank you Applejack). Thus the wine deals aren't anything special in the other Colorado Costco's (I think they rent the space to someone else).

    Costco is going to impact the middle end restaurants in the Valley, most of which have in the last year raised their prices to an unacceptable level. My guess is the locals are going to be doing a lot more cooking at home.

    By the way, we had a bad experience at Mango's last week for lunch. Rude employees, terrible waitress and almost no fish in the fish tacos. Will give it another shot to see if it was a bad day.

    Blue Ox

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      Thanks for the info about Costco. We're going to be there for both Thanksgiving and Christmas, so I hope they are open.

      I'm sorry to hear about Mango's. Hope it's just an off day. Last time I was out there, the last week of July, they had just reopened and we went there for dinner. Everything was really outstanding. Seemed like everyone who worked there wanted to do something for us, everything was timely and the food was good. I'm the only one of our group who had fish tacos (can you imagine going all the way down there to get a burger?!!), and they were very good. The owner came over and chatted several times and the beverage manager gave us a tour of the new building. So, let's just hope that's what we will get in the future and not what you got the other day.