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Sep 2, 2006 05:45 PM

Batali vs Flay

Who's restaurants are better and why?

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  1. I like Batali's food and although I dislike Lupa, I love Babbo. As for Flay's restaurant, Bar Americain is horrible and expensive. Bolo and Mesa Grill were only so so and after one visit I won't not return. Food is more southwestern while Batali's is italian, so comparisons are not apples to apples.

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    1. re: G3B

      can I ask why you dislike lupa?

      1. re: dylafleur

        It was very loud and service was crappy, all of which is forgivable if food is excellent. Food was not, 4 of us went and ordered quite a few things to share and we ended up not liking anything and not being able to hear each other either. Will never return.

        1. re: G3B

          loud comment is very fair...I grew up with weekend family dinners with up to 60 people so the loud factor usually doesn't bother me.

          I have had very different experiences with the food & service though. been there a 1/2 dozen times & the only time I was disappointed was when we got the tasting menu for a small party...not sure why their best dishes weren't in it.

          the pasta is heaven...

          1. re: dylafleur

            I thought the pasta at Babbo was heaven, but not Lupa. Memory was fuzzy as to what we ordered, but what I do remember is that we always share and ordered a whole bunch of things and came away disappointed. Granted expectations were high given it's high Zagat ratings and everyone's raves about the place, but still we left saying we would not be back.

    2. There is no comparison; Batali. I will not get into it here; I rather enjoy Lupa, but prefer Babbo.

      1. batali hands down. lupa and babbo are both favorites. anyone eat at del posto?

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          The menu at the inotecha at Del Posto is one of the best deals in town.

        2. I haven't been to Lupa but really like Babbo and Del Posto. If you want to try one of Flay's restuarants, I'd suggest Mesa for brunch.

          1. I think Battali is a chef. I don't have respect for Bobby Flay.