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Bethel, NY?

Anywhere good to eat in and around Bethel? Any kind of food find, prefer on the casual side. Thanks for all recs.

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    1. re: nkmontero

      in white lake...about 2 miles west of bethel...busters bbq...right on white lake

      1. re: corky

        Happened to find myself in Bethel (Rte. 17B) this week and stopped at BUBBA's (not Busters) BBQ. Ate on the terrace, the view was great, right on White Lake. The BBQ was just okay, but it was funny because everyone who ate on the terrace ordered the same thing-- the pulled pork sandwich. They have an okay salad bar and make great iced tea, and the fries were fresh.

        1. re: Dim Sum Diva

          thanks dsd...where the heck did i get busters from?

          1. re: corky

            wait a sec dsd...if its in white lake, ny it IS BUSTERS

            1. re: corky

              If you're talking BBQ right on White Lake, on 17B, there is a place called Bubba's-- call 'em at 845-596-3263. It has a red awning on the terrace and a little "beach" (more like a sand pit) down stairs. If you doa Google search, Bubba's comes up.

              1. re: Dim Sum Diva

                hey dsd...this is getting screwy...if you google bubbas or busters you get an establishment at 1568 route 17b,white lake 845-583-4333...i tried that number but no answer...when i tried your # i got voice mail for chris???

                1. re: corky

                  Corky, I swear two weeks ago I ate on White Lake at a place called Bubbas, I even took a picture on the terrace. The terrace looks just like the terrace on the URL you posted for Buster except for a new awning. In fact, the whole place looked kind of new. It shared a parking lot with a little stone building that houses a lawyer. Bubbas or Busters...it's BBQ on Rte. 17B on White Lake, on that we can agree!

                  1. re: Dim Sum Diva

                    i was there last august and it did not look kind of new...maybe new owner...new name...renovations...i'll be there next month

                    1. re: corky

                      It's the same place. The lovely women who owned Busters sold it, and the new owners, after a little renovation, opened it up as Bubbas. My parents have been to the new place a few times, and it has been very uneven. The salad bar is not as good, the food, at best, hasn't been as good, and at times, poor. The first time they really liked what tasted like fresh french fries, but on the last visit, the fries were different and poor. Service has not been good, and their last visit they waited over an hour for their food. The owner at least refused to let them pay for anything. On the same lake, but other side, in town, people like The Fat Lady a lot.

                      1. re: ScottK

                        thanks scott...hey dsd now we can get a good nights sleep

                        1. re: corky

                          Its now Bubbas BBQ. They did over a million dollar worth of renovations, when they reopened it. My husband is the Restaraunt manager there. The phone number is 583-4333, and the voicemail for Chris, he is the owner of the place. The new owners, and managers, are working on all the above. Wait time for food, wait staff, kitchen staff, food in general is all being upgraded. I hope you will return/or your parents, to test it again.

                          1. re: pkmh1112

                            Thanks for the post. I forwarded it to my parents who then told me that they had recently been back and said it was much improved. Even the french fries were back to the way they were on there first visit, which they really liked.

                            1. re: pkmh1112

                              just had the opportunity to try Bubba's, it was a NIGHTMARE...pulled pork sandwich wasn't even simmered in the bbq sauce, bottom bun of the the sandwich was soggy, and not a trace of sauce on it. Fries tasted like they were fried in old oil, and no soda was available, machine wasn't working, yet there is a bar downstairs and no offer of the waitress going downstairs to get some. Waitress was professional, yet not friendly. Never even came back to the table to check to see if things were okay with us. But certainly was there to offer the check. Place only had our table and then a table of two gentlemen came in, Not like the place was packed. Already told about 10 people of the dissatisfaction we encountered and plan on telling ALOT more, not to waste their time!
                              Re-modeling looks great, but you will never get back what you spent on it in sales, at the rate you are going. Hope everyone reads this message!

                              1. re: desirousdena

                                dd...go stand on their tiny sand beach...look across white lake..on the far side is the fat lady cafe...go to it

                                1. re: corky

                                  corky....GROW UP! This is a site for opinions and I am allowed to give mine. If you don't like my opinion, don't read it.

                                  1. re: desirousdena

                                    CORKY: I am so Sorry, I completely misunderstood your post. I was so dissatisfied today, that when I reread your post I was so upset, I was in a negative mood and took your response the same way...PLEASE FORGIVE ME! I Personally have been to the Fat Lady Cafe, numerous times. Again MY APOLOGIES...

                                    1. re: desirousdena

                                      i was scrolling through this thread and i got to your reply to me without going any further and i thought what did i do wrong...then i read your next post...its perfectly understandable kiddo...dont worry about it...back to fat lady...i had their hanger steak sandwich at lunch and it was delicious...i never order fish in a restaurant but i had their surf and turf (sirloin steak and broiled monk fish) ...the best fish ever...what have you enjoyed there?...have a good turkey day dd!!!

                                      1. re: corky

                                        Corky: Went to the Fat Lady Cafe for a secretaries meeting, Judith was so personable, and a wonderful hostess. Tried a lot of different things as we had a type of buffet, set up for us. Everything tasted wonderful.

                                        I had a great Thanksgiving, hope yours was great as well!

      2. I like the German restuarant off of exit 8, about 4 miles up. They have an outside beer garden. I've never been there, but in the opposite direction is a very casual place called TK's that supposedly has the best wings.

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          michelle...i think you are in bethel,ct...this is bethel,ny...please dont yell at me

          1. re: jth

            on my yearly summer trip to bethel woods i stay at eldred...very quiet...excellent diner food at restaurant...giant portions...low prices

          2. There's a kind of cool korean restaurant off of 17B near Bethel Woods at the Island Glen Golf Club.

            1. About 15 minutes from Bethel, Ny there is a great restaurant Restaurant 15 Main, should go there!!!!

              1. Definitely check out this cool Korean Restaurant in Bethel. It was kind of random to find Korean Restaurant uphere, but they have really good foods. Also they have nice lakeview outdoor seating, the view is sooooo beautiful. It's one of the best restaurant in whole Sullivan County

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                1. re: lookiesh

                  The Korean place is Korean Arts Village - it's an odd name but def a restaurant.

                  Korean Arts Village
                  2572 State Route 17B, Cochecton, NY 12726

                2. Anything new or interesting in the area? I've got tickets on Sunday. There is another thread here about Big Kevs BBQ (https://www.facebook.com/bigkevsbbq) which many people seem to like, and another about a Korean place which is apparently be closed. Sorry for resurrecting an old thread but it seemed better than starting a new one.

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                  1. re: MisterBill2

                    Although it's not new, my vote goes to Fat Lady Cafe. Can't go wrong.

                    1. re: cloverose

                      Some questionable reviews on review sites, including one complaining about a waiter (still employed) who apparently engages is some bill padding.

                      1. re: MisterBill2

                        thats a shame...we had a great lunch and dinner there...there are i think 4 eating establishments right next to each other...had a good time bar/appetizer hopping on the decks,too