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Sep 2, 2006 04:43 PM

Any good eats near de Young?

My friend and I are going to de Young today. Any suggestions for not too expensive eats? Not feeling like asian food today, so other food recs welcome. Thanks.

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  1. Park Chow on 9th Ave is awesome. Also, the cafe in the de young is quite good. They use all natural and/or organic ingredients along with a good selection of beer and wines. If the weather is good, grab a seat outside and enjoy.

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      Second on Park Chow. Very, very good. One of my favs when I lived in the Avenues.

      If you walk further down 9th and down Irving you'll run into many other places. A second House is there, as well as Hotei. If you want totally retro dive/diner/breakfast, Howard's. Great cheap breakfast.

    2. The House on 9th Ave closed a couple of year's ago.
      I recently had some take out from Pomelo (Judah at 6th Ave) that was fantastic.

      1. Just came back from the de Young, (the quilt show is not to be missed) and the cafe is pretty good. They have grass fed beef, which is a nice surprise and reasonable prices. The roasted chicken looked fabulous, but it was too much for lunch. I had the cage-free egg salad sandwich on a soft french baguette, $7.50 (kinda steep for egg salad, but I love comfort food) and it was pretty tasty, and the fig tart which I enjoyed since it was not too sweet. Fries, $3.00 I think, should have been hotter. I think they should have heated the dish it was served in so they would stay warm. Friends had grass fed beef salad and heirloom tomato sandwich, which they said they enjoyed. Thanks for the advice.