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Sep 2, 2006 04:39 PM

Three Nights in Troon

5 Chicago Chowhounds coming to Troon/Four Seasons mid-October. We wanted to try some different restaurants. I was thinking thur night: Art Walk in Old Scottsdale and then Cowboy Ciao, Friday night Los Sombreros and Saturday night Roaring Fork. Thoughts on the selections? Like upscale, fun atmosphere, but not jacket required type places. Have done Mosaic, Elements, Sassi, Sapporo, Vincent's. Still want to try T. Cook's and Binkelys but not up for a dressy restaurant with a menu I can find in chicago. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. Also looking for other fun weekend events and brunch/lunch spots as well (Oct 12-15). will def. stop by Greasewood Flats (tradition) but otherwise open. Disappointed to miss First Fridays! Thanks for the help. We love AZ.

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  1. My inlaws live up there and we used to hit Cafe Ted for Sunday brunch quite often. It's at the Citadel. By the time you go the patio will be nice to sit out on.

    Not a restaurant, but something to do...The DC Ranch Marketplace farmer's market should be back in season when you're here. That might result in some goodies you can pull together for lunch back at your place. It's on Saturday afternoons.


    1. I'd look into adding Moasic Restaurant,, very, very close to the 4Seasons. They will be open as of Sept 22. Call ahead for reservations, as they are small and usually packed. I did notice that they do on-line reservations (, I think). As they are closed now, that might be a better solution to getting a time/table.

      All of the restaurants that you have listed are worth the effort/drive to get to, and experience.


      1. Although not in the Troon area, you really must go to Phoenix Ranch market at 16th St. & Roosevelt. It's only about a 25 minute drive from where you are - south on SR 51. It truly feels like you have landed in Mexico. It is a huge grocery store, but the draw is their "Cucina" offering all kinds of freshly prepared Mexican favorites, great beverages - they have Mexican Coke!
        Carnitas, tacos, etc. They have their own tortilleria, bakery and you sit inside on communal picnic tables. I suggest it for lunch and try to avoid Saturdays as it's jammed!

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          Even better than the Cocina at Phoenix Ranch Market is the new full-service restaurant, Tradiciones, right next to the Market. Same owners, incredible food.

        2. I really like Eddie V's at DC Ranch- it's fairly close to Troon. The tempura fried soft shell crab special was the best I have ever had. However, I just checked the updated menu and they no longer have my two favorites, Shrimp and Shitake fritters and the Kung Pao spicy Calamari. They still have the seared ahi which is amazing, as is the jumbo shrimp and crab salad!


          1. Regarding Roaring Fork -- We believe the best things are to be found on the bar menu and the appetizer menu. See recent posts:



            Also, we recently enjoyed Sol y Sombra for tapas at DC Ranch.


            Sarah C