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Sep 2, 2006 04:32 PM

Good Steak in Honolulu?

My husband and I will be in Honolulu at the end of the month. Any recommendations for steak places? We just want good food in a casual atmosphere. We won't have any dressy clothes. Also, I don't eat steak so the restaurant would have to have other options. Your help would be appreciated.

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  1. I don't know any place I could strongly recommend. For a casual place that's relatively cheap (around $15), you might want to try Murphy's Bar and Grill. It's located in a nice older building in Downtown Honolulu. Not exceptional, but affordable and casual.

    1. A Taste of New York Deli & Steakhouse in Kaimuki is ultra-casual and has all of their other offerings along with steak. They have a really good antipasto salad plus their coleslaw, potato salad and house-made cheesecake are excellent. Their webpage:
      Forgot to add they are byob in case you want to bring a bottle of wine or some beer. They charge $5 for each person who uses a glass rather than a per bottle charge.

      1. I always enjoy Hy's Steakhouse on Kuhio Avenue in Waikiki. It's part of a Canadian chain, but has been in Hawaii for many years. Popular with locals and tourists. They have great steaks with a few other dinner options, like fresh fish, lobster, etc.

        I'm not sure what you mean by dressy, but most places your husband will be fine with slacks and a nice aloha shirt, certainly at a place like Hy's.

        1. Thanks everyone. That is very helpful. I'll report back after our trip

          1. I would not go with any of the reccomendations above. There are a couple of places I would highly reccomend. first, DK Steak in waikiki is a serious steakhouse run by DK Kodama, the chef behind the sushi chain Sansei. It's the only facility with a dry aging locker in the islands. I'd also try 3660 on the Rise. Their New York pepper crusted steak if da bomb (has been for years). A very upscale but very excellent place to get steak is Alan Wong's. He always serves steak that's only from Hawaii, a rarity in teh islands. It's all grass fed goodness and wicked fresh. Hy's is fine. Murphy's is good. Neither are as good as the places above.

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              I stopped in Honolulu between Kauai and the big island to eat at Hy's. Having eaten there several years ago I couldn't wait to get back. Mistake! Lobster Bisque was excellent however Beef Wellington pastry was uncooked, mashed potatoes so salty they were inedible and the veg - green beans - uncooked and stringy. Many apologies and much grovelling later the bill was erased and hopefully the chef chastised for allowing food like that to leave his kitchen. I was unhappy but it was handled well.

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                Oops! Hy's has just gotten some great recs. lately. Have not been, but your review doesn't paint a lovely picture. Sorry about that.

                It is amazing how some places can be great one night, and then offer inedible food the next. I understand ups and downs, but this is beyond that. Had similar, though not so drastic, with Chef Mavro's - review in progress.