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Sep 2, 2006 04:11 PM

Printing Articles. Recipes, etc.

Please consider a provision/procedure so that specific items (articles, reviews, recipes, etc.) can be printed separately. One doesn't need the whole Web page to use the specific item.

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  1. The "printer-friendly" version should have the photo also of the finished product, plus all the ingredients and steps, and ideally should have a provision to print it as a full-page or half-page or 3x5 page, so the recipe can go somewhere for storage for future use.

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    1. re: timonium

      If possible, the photo should be optional if it's to be included at all.

    2. Strongly agree--recipes especially should have a printer-friendly version

      1. I totally agree that it would be so helpful to have a printer friendly version. An optional photo would be helpful as well. We are continually evaluating if we've adequately reproduced the recipe! thanks!