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Sep 2, 2006 03:17 PM

A Peter Luger question...

I've never been before and am headed soon with my wife. As for how we like having our steak cooked, we're at the opposite ends of the spectrum.

When getting steak for 2, can you get it cooked two different ways?

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  1. >When getting steak for 2, can you get it cooked two different ways?

    that's a NO. hm, and that might be a problem...

    1. "Steak for 2" is, in reality, a single big porterhouse, so there's really no way to cook it differently for different people. You could just order 2 "steak for 1" done differently. I understand that the "1" steak is sometimes not quite as good as the "2" steak (similarly, the "3" steak is not as good as the "2" either), but it will still be Luger quality beef and most likely pretty damn good.

      1. If at all possible, convince the one who is at the well-done end of the spectrum to make an exception. Luger steak is so good that Medium will sit well with people who typically prefer meat more well done than that.

        If they can be convinced, I would get a Medium Rare Steak For 2 and the other person can cook their pieces on the sizzling platter to a Medium level. Cooking Luger steak beyond Medium seems like a crime to me.

        1. My DH is a true steak lover and loves his steak medium, but I only eat well done. Since I am not really a steak lover, when we go to PL I ask them to make my half well done, and keep sending it back until it is well done enough for me.

          People should never presume to tell other people that their taste in food is wrong or "a crime" .

          1. Since a steak for two is finished under the broiler ON ITS SERVING PLATTER (the reason it does continue to cook somewhat after being served, it might be possible to ask the server to remove half the meat to your dinner plate and send the platter back for another pass under the broiler.

            Just a thought.

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              The waiters at PETER LUGER are always helpful and indulgent.

              They always manage to get my steak exactly the way I like it.

              Hey! If you want to eat yours raw along with raw fish Sushi, go right ahead.

              Chaq'un a son gout.