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Sep 2, 2006 02:26 PM

Plan B, West Hartford

Have any of you Chowhounds been to Plan B in West Hartford? Is it worth goiong to with a family? Thank you.

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  1. if you are interested in reading a review of plan b that i contributed to another website, you can do so here:

    my review does focus on the beer-related aspects of the place, but will give you an idea of the overall vibe. the times ive been in there, the small booth area has been mostly families, and i think younger kids might be a bit bored (vs. a red robin or some such place). although the menu is kid friendly, i would avoid busy bar nights (thurs/fri/sat/sun) as the place is predominantly happy hour/hookup crowds.


    1. Not being a burger person, I was pleasantly suprized by the menu. I tried the burger with lobster and horseradish on one visit and the sampler on another - which has one each of a mini original, chicken and salmon burger. Their original burger is outstanding, as well as the chicken burger with pesto!! I do not know if they steam the burgers, but they do seem exceedingly moist but not greasy. I also got the beer sampler - which is perfect for me as I like to sample a bit of every flavor.

      1. Hi. I just finally tried Plan B on Park Road in West Hartford, CT. It was on a Tuesday night where I expected it to be pretty dead (we usually head to Vaughn's on Pratt Street because they have $2 pints on Tuesdays and it's never crowded)...but Plan B was totally jamming with folks.
        Our party of 4 had to wait about 20 minutes for a table and the bar was super crowded so we just waited without beverages. When seated we were starving so the waitress let us order our food and came back to retreive drink orders. A friend who has been to Plan B twice before specifically told me to have a back-up beer ready for the waitress to say my first choice wasn't available....sure enough that was the case. They do tout MANY beers both bottled and on tap but yes, they were out of my first choice (a Blonde ale of some sort).
        Onto the burgers....I can't say much about variety because 3 of 4 of us all ordered the Tavern Classic and I (always having to be different) ordered the mini stack of....the Tavern Classics. I thought it was great....I couldn't eat all three burgers. The fries were great, warm and I loved the cheese sprinkled on them.
        I will definitely go back for more beer and burgers. I think this is a great addition to West Hartford but specifically Park Road. All we need now is a Tisane-type tea/coffee house on Park and I'll be satisfied.

        1. Funny to name a restaurant after the new morning after pill... There's a PLAN B in BVT as well.

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            the name refers to the fact that its a sister bar to hartford's half door, and focuses on all american beers instead of uk/belgians. b=burger maybe?