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Sep 2, 2006 02:04 PM

Thai within striking distance of Brooklyn Heights?

So, I occasionally am looking for some Thai food. It doesn't have to blow me away. It doesn't have to be overwhelmingly authentic. It just has to be yummy.

The dreaded Thai Kitchen on Henry St has been closed for a year now.

The constantly changing and not-really-passable but REALLY nearby Thai place (recently Lantern) on Montague near Hicks wasn't answering the phone this week so they're either closed for the slow week or lust plain closed (I'll try to figure it out when I walk by next).

I got Pad Thai from Rice in DUMBO last night and it was bland, bland, bland. (though I generally like their stuff.)

Tuk Tuk, my Smith Street standby has closed.

Joya doesn't deliver all weekend and I don't know if they deliver to the South Heights.

So... of the several other places on Court St. (Lemongrass Grill?) and the 3 or so places on Smith Street (Thai Sesame and others) what do people recommend?

Peter in the Heights

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  1. We were in the same situation last night. Unfortunately our ususal standby, Siam Garden (Court @ Amity), is closed for a few weeks of renovation.

    Thai Sesame is better than Em, but that's not saying much. We opted for an indian curry @ Curry Leaf instead.

    1. Tuk Tuk closed? Thats to bad. Joya had been our local standby, but it has gone downhill so Tuk Tuk moved into the number one slot. I know its not the point of the question, but on the weekends in a car it takes only 15 minutes to get to Sripraphai from the heights. Thats what we end up doing.

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        -- Yes, Tuk Tuk closed several months ago. Soon after they got briefly closed by the Board of Health. Allege3dly a new Thai restaurant will open there. Whether it's as good or inexpensive remains to be seen.

        -- Sripraphai is only 15 minutes by car from the Heights? Rats! I have a car but was too unmotivated to figure out how to drive there last night. Maybe tonight?

      2. Just take BQE. Get of at the detour exit for Roosevelt. (queens blvd). It takes you almost exactly there (about two blocks away on Jackson. Parking is never a big deal). I do take out from there now. A round trip in the car is worth it given the other options.

        We should start a Sripraphai Brooklyn Heights car pool. Of course that wont be necessary once the Kosher steak place implodes. I figure a Halal Thai is a lock to take its place.

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        1. re: driggs

          You do realize of course that Spicy Mina is only 5 blocks away and actually closer to the BQE entrance coming home. The car pool can make stops. Or, perhaps, you'd consider a delivery service?

        2. Sesame is a pretty good spot. It's been on Smith Street for years, so they don't have high rent which means the entrees are a bit cheaper than other places.

          It's usually not that crowded and their coconut ginger chicken soup keeps bringing me back.

          1. Lantern is definitely open (I ate there yesterday) and has become a regular part of my office's lunch rotation. It's obviously not Joya, but it's a step up from the Henry St. place and much better than Thai 101, which used to occupy that space.

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            1. re: Jeffy

              Interesting. I called numerous times one last Saturday night and they never answered the phone. I'll have to see if I kept the menu.

              Regardless, I'm happy to hear that Sripraphai is so close and to discover that Rice delivers to me. (As does Nectar on Court St. I discovered today. Excellent!)