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Looking for Chocolate in Atlanta...

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i'm spending next week in Atlanta and want to make chocolate truffles for my mom. I usually use Trader Joe's or Guittard chocolate. Trader Joe's hasn't arrived yet, and I'm not sure if Guittard is sold there. I'd appreciate recommendations for places to purchase decent chocolate to work with.

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  1. Try Star Provisions (very high end) or Whole Foods, the closes thing we have right now to Trader Joe's.

    1. Not to disrespect your effort, but you could also hit Maison Robert and just buy the truffles. You can hand pick a variety of chocolates, and they're fantastic. I seldom get the bug to make chocolates b/c we get his occasionally, and the feeling is "why bother."

      1. I wonder if the DeKalb Farmer's Market would have the chocolates you're looking for.

        1. Either Alon's in Virginia Highland (in town, northeast) or Star Provisions (very close in town, northwest) will have an excellent selection.

          1. I agree with the vote for Maison Robert. Hand crafted, artisinal and worth the trip.
            More info at:


            1. Star Provisions is probably your best bet for hard to find chocolates. I'm not sure if they have the specific one you're looking for, as I've always preferred Scharffen Berger or Valhrona for candies or cakes. I was just at YDFM and didn't notice any top of the line chocolate; they had Ghirardelli, though.

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                Eh, to get a chunk for cooking, I'd do Whole Foods. We've used the Callebaut in the past for molten chocolate cakes with very good results. Nowhere else pops to mind for getting a chunk of high end chocolate that was obviously hacked off a much-larger bar/block. I suspect that, for Valrhona, your only choice may be little, weenie bars, which seems overly expensive to me.

              2. thanks all! although the bought truffle refs sound great (and are probably better than mine), homemade does it for mom.