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Sep 2, 2006 01:59 PM


Am I the only one who looks forward to going to Ikea for the food?

Secondly, I can't think of anywhere that does cafeteria-type grub these days. I believe the universities and hospitals have gone to fast food.

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  1. Yes, my son and hopefully future daughter-in-law go to the IKEA in Emeryville to eat. It may be price over quality, but they tell me the quality is good.

    As for hospitals - I unfortunately need to frequent Kaiser in Santa Rosa an while waiting for test results and prescriptions between visits I find their cafeteria to be an oasis, especially the salad bar. Surprisingly the french fries are quite good.

    1. Sears in the "Eaton" centre has a cafeteria on their top floor.. also Metro HAll at King & John has a food area on the main floor off John with "stations" pasta, salad, burger, sandwiches etc. which is basically a cafeteria.

      Best though is Scotia tower (not the new tower but the old building right at the corner of Bay and King. On the 4rth floor they have an old school caffeteria with great lunches for a great price daily specials.. supposed to be employees only but nobody checks and they have so many employees they would not recognise everybody anyway :-)

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        That Sears cafeteria named "Cuisine" is definitely chow-worthy, for a low price you can get some pretty decent food here. Pastas, sandwiches, homemade salads and soups are all good. Pass on the frozen fish & chips, though. Decent pizza + choice of big salad for only $7.95.

        I always thought that "high-end cafeteria", is a great restaurant concept that needs to be explored...

        As for IKEA, no matter how hard you try, you can't complain about or beat breakfast for $1 on weekends.

        1. re: bogie

          "I always thought that "high-end cafeteria", is a great restaurant concept that needs to be explored..."

          Isn't that the whole Richtree Market gimmick?

          1. re: szw

            That was the Movenpick Marche gimmick. Richtree ruined it.

            High end cafeterias have been around in the southern US for a long time. For example, Furr's and Piccadilly. They used to be popular in New York City (Concord/Garfield, Dubrow's), but have pretty well died out there.

            1. re: embee

              Back in the day, Furr's Cafeteria was the best thing about my hometown of Lubbock, Texas. They started going south in the '90s, though.

              I never cared for Movenpick Marche, but I loved, loved, loved the Movenpick restaurant in Yorkville, especially their weekend brunch. I did not know there was a secret cafeteria in the Sears at Eaton Centre. Good to know!

              And yes, no trip to IKEA is complete without Swedish meatballs and lingonberry soda.

        2. re: OnDaGo

          scotia cafeteria :D reminded me of visiting my father at work durring his lunch break years ago

          the place reminded me of a cafeteria from the 70's :)

          1. re: OnDaGo

            How about the Bay? the one at Yonge and Queen has a cafeteria with huge windows. I used to like their chicken pot pie but the filling is more gravy than anything last time I had it.

            1. re: Teep

              Forget about the high priced Arcadian Court resto in the Bay on Queen Street. Go with the City View Cafe. cafeteria style with cheap prices if you go for the special. Ceiling to floor windows that give a great view of Toronto City Hall (old and new). One of Toronto best kept secrets...shhhhh, don't tell anyone (Come on Teep, the Pot Pie is still pretty good for the price.

              1. re: Finnegan

                Mmmm, I have a nostalgic fondness for that pot pie. Have to check it out again. And I love my pie more saucy than not.

                1. re: Finnegan

                  Is City View Cafe also in The Bay? Where??? Sounds good!

                  1. re: jennjen18

                    It's on the eighth floor of the Bay at Yonge & Queen. They also have a cooking class thing going on on that floor as well -

                    1. re: JamieK

                      If you take the Bay Dept Store elevators to the 8th floor, it opens up to the Arcadian Court restaurant (is it still open?). You have to walk through it to get to the cafeteria. But the elevators in the office part of the building at the corner of Queen and Bay will take you to the entrance of the cafeteria.

              2. re: OnDaGo

                Just to update anyone thinking of going there, the cafeteria at Metro Hall closed a few months ago. There is a cafeteria at City Hall on the first floor, and it is still going strong.

                If no one else has mentioned it, the church behind the Eaton's Centre is cafeteria-style in my opinion as well. I have only been twice (and not recently), but I recall getting pretty decent food. Certainly better than your average food court fare (but not gourmet). And I think the proceeds go to some sort of charity.

              3. I agree with beckiefd in that IKEA is price over quality for their cafeteria food, but I have tried their gravlax and it's actually pretty good. Besides, how can you resist those cinnamon buns after check-out?

                As for cafeteria style food, I believe there is a place on University Avenue by Sick Kids in this style. I honestly can't remember the name of it but it's on the South-East corner of University and Elm Street.

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                1. re: oishi

                  It's the National Life building, on the south-west corner of University and Elm. The cafeteria is on the second floor. The food is really good and the dining area looks like it was furnished by Ikea (I mean that in a good way).
                  Or do you mean Pesto on the south-east side??

                  1. re: hoagy294

                    Ya, I meant Pesto. But thanks for letting me know about the National life cafeteria!

                2. St. Michaels Hospital has a "Marketeria". I didn't go in, but the specials of the day were Chinese Chicken Cutlet, and Korean Spicy BAIT - the last word I'm not too sure of, but I can't figure out what else it could be!

                  1. Well, wife and do. It's not an everyday craving but a couple times a year we will get a hankering for their cafeteria food.

                    However, those cinnamon buns are a whole other story...I love the swirl of bread(?) dough and flaky pastry dough.

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                    1. re: kerwintoronto

                      Happened to be at the IKEA at Hwy 7 & Jane today with a craving for that delicious cinnamon bun - horror of horrors when I saw that they no longer have the flaky pastry type cinnamon bun - but rather a less than thrilling & tasty version of simple yeast dough with a minimal amount of frosting - and they're now charging 50 cents for extra frosting. What has this world come to?!!!