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Sep 2, 2006 01:48 PM

spotted donkey cantina, carefree

wondering if anyone has had a chance to try out this new offering at el predregal carefree. it seems the chef is from Geronimo's of Santa fe. Menu looks of southwestern origina and mighty tasty as well.

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  1. ok, i'll respond myself. it was a rather fantastic meal that imho was on par with los sombreros. From the same people who run geronimo's in santa fe.

    i'll post the link

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    1. re: seandm

      I wish I knew about this before last weekend! Did it take over Sugrues' spot, or the Mexican place that was there? do they have dueling Mexican places now??? The other one was tourist food.

    2. it took over the god awful javelina cantina spot. the other spot which was the crew (one of my favorites) will be

      the mgmt team is also taking over the latilla room at the borders and it will become a geronimo's as well

      the food is mainly new mexican/mexican. extremely good, dont let the menu fool you. i had the meat loaf and it was fantastic with a good kick to it. food reminded me of what you would get in santa fe/taos new mexican restaurants. presentation was amazing as well.

      1. ONLY PAY WITH CASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        We ate there last night. The food was excellent - I was so excited about the find, but that has been overshadowed today by the fact that my credit card was charged 3 seoerate times for an amount that does not equal what was on the reciept. Funny thing is, I overheard a similiar problem going on at the table next to us where his card had been charged twice and caught it and had the server to and reverse one of the charges. I feel it is kind of suspicious.

        Upon calling and requesting to talk to the mananger today to get this resolved, he sounded bothered that I was calling and told me that it was just a pending transaction. Never mind the amount had been subtracted out of my account already. I did not feel he was accomodating AT ALL for the mistake and was very short and hung up without saying goodbye.

        I was set to let all my friends know about this, but after my experience today MY mouth is shut.

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        1. re: ncampbe

          Calm down, you're worrying about it too soon. It's a new restaurant, there are inevitable bugs, this is one of them. It wouldn't suprise me if there was a glitch in the system and you were the eighth person to call that day about it, which would certainly explain why the manager was very short with you. Any time you notice multiple charges on your card at a restaurant, give the credit card system 3-4 business days to sort out authorizations (which will disappear) from actual purchases. It's sort of like when you rent a car and they do a 250 dollar deposit on your credit card. It LOOKS like an actual transaction, but it's only an authorization. When you bring the car back, the $250 authorization disappears a couple of days later. If you have waited a few days (I'd let it sit for a full week) and the charges still show on your statement, then go to the restaurant IN PERSON with your signed credit card slip and your statement showing the multiple charges; do this during an off-peak time if at all possible. Mon-Thur afternoon (2-5 pm) is ideal since they're at their least busy; please don't try on a Saturday night. If they still aren't helpful, call the issuing bank on your credit card and let them know the problem.

        2. Thats odd. I have eaten there about 6 times and have not experienced this.

          Btw, Fajitas are my favorite dish from spotted donkey. reminds me of my old favorite in san jose lupitas fajitas.

          1. The original comment has been removed