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Sep 2, 2006 01:39 PM

Has Empress Pavillion improved since last post???

Has anyone been to Empress pavillion in the last week???

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  1. I was there last night for a wedding, and it was spectacularly...edible, and that's being kind. I could taste the extra soy in the shark's fin, the freezer smell(?) in the Peking Duck. The "live" fish had been frozen, according to my parents. The only bright spot (at least for me) was the combination platter with the char siu and BBQ pork. The char siu wasn't too sweet, and the BBQ pork skin was as crispy as glass. At least the service was good!

    I had been there about a year ago for a fundraiser, and the food was decent. There was an asparagus/macadamia nut/beef cube stir-fry I liked. It wasn't traditional, but at least it was different.

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      Thanks..we are going today for lunch..will report after we eat

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        Lunch wasn`t too bad..Only one pot sticker order was doughy.All other dim sum (7)were good. Ordered 1/2 Peking Duck(very crispy) and it was very good...We eat there once a month...not 100% as good as before the chefs left..but good enough.

    2. Went for dinner on Sunday night and prepared myself for the worst... and everything turned out fine. Portions were smaller than I remember and a few of the dishes overly salty, but I would not NOT return. Perhaps the chefs who left were the dim sum chefs?

      1. My association has monthly meetings there and other events (tradition). I can say that each time I eat there, the quality seems to get lower and lower. According to one of my clients in the Chinese restaurant business, he said CBS Seafood (near Phillipes French Dip) is the best cantonese food in Chinatown. Actually, now that I think about it, I think he might have meant it was the cleanest...haha (he's in the cleaning business).